The Apple TV ecosystem is a curious one to watch, as when you think about it- All the ingredients really are there for a potentially killer video game console experience, but no one has really put them together yet due to various stopping points like AirPlay lag, Apple's refusal to allow third party apps to run on the Apple TV, and other obstacles. Well, Rolocule Games is making an effort to play inside of the rules set by Apple to bring a Wii-Like motion gaming experience to the Apple TV via Motion Tennis. Check it out:

It seems like a cool idea, and if nothing else I'm really excited to see how they've optimized the AirPlay mirroring lag that makes playing AirPlay games just ever-so-slightly annoying. From the looks of it, they're starting a beta process soon, so if you're interested head over to their site and drop your email. Alternatively, if you just want a heads up when Motion Tennis is actually available, add the game to your watch list in the TouchArcade app [Free].

  • Greyskull

    Board games and tactical/collectable card games are great w/Airplay mirroring. Before I got an ipad it was the only way I could play some of my purchases on my iPhone 4S.

  • JaysUsernam

    I couldn't agree more about the Apple TV/Ipad being on the brink of being an incredible gaming system. I just don't understand why Apple hasn't embraced and jumped on it. It seems like they could reinvent the console world but chose to turn a blind eye.

  • Jody McAdams

    Don't you guys know you can just plug your iPad into the TV with an HDMI adapter? No need for laggy Apple TV.