The original Prince of Persia is a landmark in video game history for its unique game mechanics and visual style, which felt way ahead of their time for 1989. In 1993 a sequel was released titled Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame that followed in the original's footsteps, and today Ubisoft announced that a remade version of that sequel is set to hit mobile devices in the near future.

Similar to the remake treatment that the original game got with Prince of Persia Classic [$1.99 / $1.99 (HD)], the revamped Shadow and the Flame will keep the original story and gameplay elements for the most part, but will ratchet up the visuals and will add in a more modernized set of features and changes tailored towards mobile.

Specifically, Ubisoft notes that the "trial and error" style play of the original has been made more forgiving, and that combat is more tactical and skill-based. They also mention the addition of an in-game store which will sell items to "enhance your experience" like additional weapons, combos and potions.

Whether those changes will add to the game or simply take away what the original fans loved about Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame remains to be seen, but I do have to say I liked the Prince of Persia Classic remake quite a bit so I'm excited to see how this turns out. No specific release date or price was mentioned, but keep an eye out for the Shadow and the Flame remake to hit mobile sometime soon.

  • Alexander Novarro

    What happend to Prince of Persia Retro!

    • Zdgames

      Yay!!! So happy played this as a kid!!!

  • Wizard_Mike


    Will this have 8 hour potion timers?

    • iammane

      Yes or you can buy more for twenty turbans, the in game premium currency

  • Серёжа

    Oh god, who needs this shit?.. I totally respect Mechner for what he’s done in the past, but totally despise that he sold out the franchises and things like this and remakes of Karateka happen...

  • lepeos

    Ooh can't wait to access that in-game store

  • Eidaven

    Can somebody please put a quality game on the App Store that has no IAP?... I'm sure Apple loves it but it ruins the integrity of the games. Just sell the game for $10-15 with no IAP. I'd buy it.

  • Farfield

    If they bring the trilogy of the 6th generation (Sands of time, Warrior Within, Another one which I forget the name) count me in. Even when the Warrior Within it's on the App Store, it isn't updated.

  • tigerclaws

    i loved this game's graphics when it first came out, and tbh still think they look pretty great today! have more charm & personality than the remake imo