Huge news coming out of PAX East today for strategy fans, as Joystiq reports that 2K Games have announced that XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be gracing iOS touchscreens by this summer. Check out this hands-on video where XCOM: Enemy Unknown lead designer Jake Solomon walks us through what it's like to play the popular PC and console strategy title on an iPad.

Solomon stressed to Joystiq that the iOS version is "a straight port" of the PC and console game and that they "have not made any gameplay exceptions" in order to get the entire game on tablets and phones. Related to that, since this is the full game on iOS it will be priced accordingly, though no specifics on that were given. Stay tuned for more news on XCOM: Enemy Unknown as it approaches a summer launch on iOS.


  • bababewey

    I hope it's a freemium runner.

    • flashbackflip

      I hope it's one-time pay and no shitty 'freemium' iAPs

    • phantom_cupcake

      Freemium is completely crap. It ruins what could have been a good game and even if you do start paying to actually get somewhere in the game, you then just lose all of that and your still at a dead end. So I just don't download them at all, full stop. Freemium works well on games like the smurfs village (an old one but a good example) but not on potentially really good games like real racing 3 or xcom. Real Racing 3 to me and many others was a shambles, and so I hope that the games I most look forward to, such as xcom, are not freemium.....

      • bababewey

        Umm, I was being (I thought obviously) sarcastic.

  • laxking97

    In before people complaining that its a whole $10-20 bucks

    • bababewey

      They can just take whatever is in my iTunes account, if anyone complains about the price of this game, they're insane. They've already stated that this is basically a full port, full featured version. I'm gonna guess this debuts at $9.99 and would be an absolute steal at $19.99.

      • Vertig0

        I think it will cost more than that. It is currently $50 on steam and they said its a full port and will be priced accordingly. Id say $20 at the very cheapest.

  • renegade826

    Very cool news

  • iammane

    Pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚ would like to see more of stuff like this to be honest

  • MidianGTX

    I usually try to stay diplomatic in situations like these, but not this time. If you don't appreciate the majesty of XCOM, you're an idiot.

    • PureRumble

      Perhaps u should try more... We all r entitled to our opinions.

      • themostunclean

        Perhaps you should not be so reactionary. He was obviously being humorous.

      • Allen Arcelo

        Well I suppose he failed at humor to.

      • MidianGTX

        Still getting more likes than you, bro. I wasn't specifically going for humour anyway, just trying to emphasise exactly how amazing this news is.

      • Allen Arcelo

        Well congratulations on those likes your mom must be really proud ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Matt Curtis

        I enjoyed this comment thread. Thanks, guys. Really.

      • BigAustin

        You get likes because you are a loud idiot on the internet, no surprise, your ilk are a dime a dozen. The humor in your comment is analogous to racist joke humor. Funny for you and your like-minded fellows, offensive and ignorant to the rest of us.

      • Carlos Panzram

        That argument is analogous to a three brained toad dreaming of laser shoes but only finding a torn raincoat at his uncle Jacks ranch.

      • Illuminerdy

        False analogy, #%*^-for-brains.

      • dekon

        Obviously? Are you a psychic? Perhaps he was,perhaps not. I have been seeing many stupid people here lately.

      • thiefwriter


    • PureRumble

      And suddenly things got so very nasty n out of control...

      But seriously u think i write comments to collect likes like a kiddy on christmas eve? Uhuh? Then go ahead n push that dislike button until ur mouse/screen pops...

      And for reference if necessary:

  • OldBearEric

    Take my $60!!!

    • PureRumble

      OKAY! I WILL!!


      • PureRumble

        Rest assured ill treasure them more dearly than u!

  • Platyrrhine

    Glad to hear it'll be coming to iPhone as well, as opposed to just iPad.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Totally pumped for this. Day 1 full price purchase.

  • blackbear219

    Wow, nice. I play it on my iPad now (using Splashtop to connect to my PC) and I've always thought it translated well. This should be good.

    • vicsark

      I also got splashtop, never thought of playing a AAA game on my iPad. Could you elaborate on how it feels like? are the controls precise enough? Thks ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • blackbear219

        Are they pinpoint precise? No. Are they precise enough? Definitely. Once it is running natively, it will be amazing.

        I havent been able to utilize splashtop for many PC games on my iPad since most of them are designed with keyboard and mouse in mind. But, since this is a turn based, point and click game it translates very well. The other game I have good luck with is FTL.

      • blackbear219

        Oh, also, if you do try have to boot directly into bootcamp/windows. The clicks don't register if you're booted up in Parallels for some reason.

      • vicsark

        thks, I'm gonna try that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    I had been meaning to pick this up on Xbox 360. Looks like I'm going to wait and play it on the iPad. This is great news!

    • vicsark

      Same here. Great news ๐Ÿ™‚

    • flashbackflip

      I got it on ps3, but localization voice-over ruined the whole game.. I play it muted.. XD

      iPad and english version will be perfect!

  • Devoid21

    This just made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • James Gerbino

    I've got $40 for another copy. This is an experiment. If they get good results we could see more AAA FULL game on iPad instead of Doodle Jump Birds Ninja. And I don't care how many jailbreak East Asia pirates dont' buy it because it isn't F2P.

    • themostunclean

      That makes it sound like pirates only download FTP games. I was confused since FTP is a well known anti-piracy tactic. You mean how many pirates will STEAL it because it isn't FTP, right?

    • lavenders2

      Doodle jump birds ninja actually sounds like an epic game

  • subshell001

    Prayers: Answered.

  • Vladimir Kotelnikov

    Oh man this is so amazing! We need more games like this on iOS

  • David Nguyen

    I wonder how much this will cost. The problem with iOS game development is that the OS is constantly evolving so you can't really buy this game and expect it to work 5-10 years from now. Most big publishers don't constantly update their games to work on new versions after a few months so it's almost like iOS games are meant to be disposable.

    • meatz666

      I don't agree. I can't name one iPhone 1 game that you can't run on an iPad 3

      • themostunclean

        Agreed. Backwards compatibility is better than it is on consoles. On iOS newer games won't support older devices but every game I had in my 3GS runs on my 5. Saying developers won't update their games after a few months is kinda ridiculous. Check any popular iOS game's update log. If an app is making money (sometimes not even that much), it's being updated.

      • homosaur

        Sword and Poker 1.

      • valkuryn

        Point proven no update needed.

    • echo_pdx

      Seriously what are you talking about? All of my games work on my iPad 4. I've never even heard of this problem.

    • Carlos Panzram

      I see your point. All five generations of ipad have been the blink of an eye as far as console cycles go. With pcs you have post support from the community, but on ios obviously that's out. I love my ipad, and I have spent a ton of money on the thing. I'm kinda embarrassed that I never really questioned the longevity of it.

  • meatz666

    It's only me that, by reflexes, thought: "move the soldier, the car will blow up!!"... This game changed me to an alien killing machine....

  • Hex Blade

    Currenty playing this on my xbox360. But ill be getting it for my ipad as soon as its out. Awesome game!!!

  • Soar2344

    I don't care how much it is I'm buying it ๐Ÿ˜€ now 2K shut up and take my money

  • Paul Hopper

    Oh my god take my damn money now. Hunter series? Better get their "A" game on now, the most serious competion they could ever imagine is on its way. -woooots!-

    • thiefwriter

      Hunters, sad to say, doesn't stand a chance in hell. There go 70 hours of my life...

  • ProgPariah77

    Now at last I know what'll be next on my "obsessive play" list once I've wrung every last bit of fun out of "Baldur's Gate" ... Bring ON "XCOM: Enemy Unknown"!

  • echo_pdx

    Literally made my weekend. I'd gladly spend $30.

  • derkoi

    Hmmm the games ancient. Would they really charge so much for it?

    • Nicholas Yu

      This is the newest entry in the series that came out in October on PC, not one of the classic X-Coms. Word of warning: Classic Ironman may cause you to throw your iPad across the room.

  • Allen Arcelo

    Well, this is moderately impressive. If this does good on the AppStore we just might be presented with even more high quality console-worthy games. But I wouldn't count on it though.

  • nestor

    I just smashed the "Add to Watch List" button...

  • Mirkwood

    Woah.. Megaton!

  • volcanopele

    I may just buy it if only to encourage Firaxis to release a full-fledged port of Civ for the iOS, not just the watered down, Civilization Revolutions...

    • BigAustin

      I encourage you to use more direct methods for letting your desires know to Firaxis. Writing to them will be much effective than simply buying a copy of xcom.

      • Swampthing

        And who said he didn't already do that? Does that mean he can't still express his concerns here too? Geez.... people are way too emotional here.

      • HelperMonkey

        Too emotional??? LIKE HELL THEY ARE!!!! Go and cry to your mommy! GAAAH! (*sudden brain hemorrhage*)

    • flashbackflip

      Oh yeah!! I really want CiV5 on ipad)

      Revolution is a kidsplay

  • denisvjcr

    Instant buy !

  • Colonel_Bramwell

    This game is freaking amazing. I can't believe it's coming to iOS. I hope they improve the framerate.

  • avwave

    Hoping they add Second Wave DLC on there

  • McCREE

    Awesome news. Really looking forward to this. Price is practically irrelevant.

  • Praymettin

    Yay iphone too! I would gladly pay two Square Enix game prices for this. And I think we won't wait long because I have heard somebody found iphone resolution files in their original game. That means they were working to make it for ios too from the start.

  • ะะฝั‚ะพัˆะบะฐ


  • memphis12

    2012 game of the year for me hands down! Got 100% achievement on my 360. This game is epic.... Bring the original Xcom also and my l
    Gaming life is complete :p

  • Thirdrail1

    I still play the original X-Com and its sequel, Terror from the Deep. Fantastic games. Enemy Unknown was ok for a bubblegum strategy game, but nowhere near the tactical or strategic depth of the originals. I certainly wouldn't pay full console/pc retail for it again. It's worth maybe $10 as an iOS game that gets ported a year and a half late. Otherwise, I'd have to advise the old X-Com fans to look for a true strategy game for their iOS device, like Battle for Wesnoth.

    • Praymettin

      Maybe this will be a first step into X-Com territory. If they get enough good responses, why would't we see UFO, Terror from Deep and Apocalypse as well. For a reduced price I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Carlos Panzram

        I like the way you think!

    • MidianGTX

      If you ask me, when it comes to these games a lot of people mistake needless complexity with deep strategy. I blame nostalgia.

      • flashbackflip

        Can't agree.. The details (equipment, hiring, base building/planning) given in originals absolutely fits the desire to play 'toy-soldiers-war'

      • MidianGTX

        I was going to make my comment longer, but I got lazy. There are definitely elements to XCOM that were left out of the new game and could be reintroduced, but they could still be done in a more streamlined and effective manner that some people would arrogantly call "dumbed down". My comment was more of a blanket comment covering old-school strategy games in general and how ridiculous it is that some people think a system needs to be complicated in order to be good. Those who stick up for Windows 8's many issues tend to say "if you're not stupid, it works just fine", which isn't the idea at all. The optimal build for anything is to be as simple as possible, that doesn't automatically make it dumbed down in the sense the internet says it is.

  • Guest


  • Linuxuser1

    Looks like just a few FPS. Hope they work on the performance

  • Gamer_Kev

    Haven't played the new version of this game yet, though I enjoyed the original. Still got the cd of it around here somewhere. Nice to hear they're not cutting corners with it. When I do eventually get it, this will give me a choice between my gaming PC or iOS. Not sure which way I'll go yet. If done right, touch screen controls would be very ideal for this type of game, so I guess it will be a wait and see.

  • Alexander Baryshnikov

    Take my money!
    The only way I would be happier is Total War: Rome 2 for iOS.

  • Briker Ed

    Don't care much about his game, but the guys' hot. That's all. . . .

  • OneBagTravel

    I am really impressed by that. However I have an itch that needs scratched when it comes to iOS strat games. I really want a good hex based game like Memoir 44 on the iPhone. I was hoping a turn based game like XCOM would go that route. This is still cool though. (Already finished the game on PC)

  • dave71

    Just finished this on Xbox ... And touch screen support is just what it needs ... Nice one can't wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tso5818

    Looks like David cook .

    • tso5818

      David Cook

  • FuZion

    I'm in.

    I've been holding off buying the console version in the hope that they had plans for iOS.

  • kurzz

    I can't wait! Having played it on console I wondered if how great this would be on the iPad. So buying this.

  • Jay

    That's impressive! A pretty fun game, too. Just remember: there's a right way and a wrong way to play this game. If you choose the wrong way your 5-hour game will end abruptly and not tell you what you were doing wrong. Good luck, Commander.

  • avcx

    I just peed my pants...

  • 1337brian

    This is the biggest game to date to come to iOS imo... FANTASTIC!

  • Michael Bromery

    Killer announcement. Look forward to getting wiped out on ios soon. Turn based strategy is home for touch screens. We do need more of this.

  • friv3

    very good! thanks

  • yepi2

    If it's a runner, what will happen to her?

  • WeMeet

    What ***** would ever want another fremium especially for this game
    People buy console and pc games all the Time even crappy ds games that cost more

    For a freemium u would shell out a lot more cash CONTINUOUSLY....

    This game should at the very least be $20
    Similar to a final fantasy pricing

    And really wondering if that gameplay was on an ipad 3 or 4 bc the graphics really seem to be bumped down

  • WeMeet

    What ***** would ever want another fremium especially for this game
    People buy console and pc games all the Time even crappy ds games that cost more

    For a freemium u would shell out a lot more cash CONTINUOUSLY....

    This game should at the very least be $20
    Similar to a final fantasy pricing

    And really wondering if that gameplay was on an ipad 3 or 4 bc the graphics really seem to be bumped down

  • JCat_NY

    This game + touch interface = Happy Joy

  • Hans P. Kรถter

    I always thought that it could -and should!- be done on iOS, but never expected that to become reality. Day One purchase, pricing irrelevant- it's that good.

  • Trev1

    WOW Very Very big news! IMO.

    DAMN ! Did u see that! Plz take my hard earned cash now!.....and plz have universal and iCloud support

  • Carlos Panzram

    Man I've been saying that Xcom is a perfect fit for IOS ever since they posted this article here. They must have read my future tweats. I'm deleting Hunters 2 and its janked version of permadeath in anticipation.

  • Bischi777

    I finished it on ps3 but I will buy it again even if it costs 40 bucks. Just to proof that not only FTP games can be sucsessful on ios. And I hope every body else will do this too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jonathan Parsons

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • Parkingtigers

    Jake Solomon is a god. This man is the greatest thing in videogames right now. Hey JS, have it access the device's address book app so it uses the player's real-life contacts for soldier names sometimes. That would be cool.

  • Brett Jones

    If this is indeed the full game and not a stripped down pony version like civ ill be more than happy to part with 15 to 20 quid... However if this is another free out shovel ware then they can f""""k off. I demand more quality games on my ipad!,,

  • oz9

    It's a straight port, but not really the 'entire game' as it doesn't contain all the maps of the PC version. Insufficient map variety is a big issue even on the PC version....

  • blackbear219

    I wonder how big this is going to be. XCom on PC is 12 or 13 gig installed, I think.

    • bababewey

      That's actually a real good point, they'll have to address the size somehow.

  • Ererun

    I will buy it. Even if its price will be as high as the PC version.

  • Bartosz Wagrowski

    i would prefer a good port of the original one, every single one of released remakes killed the spirit of XCOM

  • Bool Zero

    Beat this on my 360 and will be buying it as soon as this hits iOS! This was such an addictive game! Sure, everyone wants the originals and there is a special place in my heart for them, but to any who dismiss this because its not the original are really missing out on a good, dare I say great, game!

    Worth whatever asking price they place on this! I can't wait!

    • valkuryn

      Look up Aliens vs Humans the on App Store for something to do till this releases. It's a good clone of the first X-com.
      I played the first X-com on my old 286 Pc best dos game ever made. The new one on Xbox is good just needed to be about 80 hours longer....... ;-p

  • elaytot

    2k games never fail to amaze me! Theyre one of the publishers in ios that always aim for a triple A game experience on our devices.. I'll just play theis on my iphone.. My android tablet is near as disposable in the next few months..

  • Crunchewy

    I enjoy this game on Xbox, but I seem to never play it there anyway. This seems like so much better of a fit on iOS. I'll definitely be picking this up once it is released.

  • phantom_cupcake

    I'm gonna pay whatever it takes but I'd really rather not pay full console/pc game prices again, considering I've already paid for the full game once.

  • Kizi 2

    Good video. Thanks for sharing

  • NeonVoidJP

    Cannot wait for this! Been playing it on my Xbox recently and it's an amazing game

  • Yepi

    I havent been able to utilize splashtop for many PC games on my iPad

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