Demiuge Studios's side-scrolling endless shooter, Shoot Many Robots, is now available on Android -- and an iPhone and iPad version is in the works, too, the studio said today in a press release. Interestingly, this version of the game was built in collaboration with the folks at Owlchemy Labs, the studio behind Jack Lumber and Snuggle Truck. We've got a few screens of the (free) Android version below:

Shoot Many Robots first appeared on consoles and PC in March 2012 and was met with a mixed reception, thanks to some overall difficulty, control, and scenario design issues. But forget about all that: this mobile take is an endless runner.

  • Belgmeister

    Ow man... Can't wait for this 😀

  • TGMzero

    Hmm...Nice to see games launching on Android first. I'll add this to Destroy Gunners, Zenonia 5 and the Spectral Soul games.

    • cendrizzi


      • Adams Immersive

        Novelty value? 🙂

  • ojtitus

    Too bad this is an endless runner type game and not the actual XBLA game. Still a pretty fun game.

    • Philkuu

      I agree - I was fairly disappointed the first time I loaded it and realized what I was playing instead of what I had hoped it would be. After that, I grew to enjoy it still and there are at least familiar elements to it.

  • menom

    Is there a way of omitting android stories from the TA news feed in the TA app? I have no interest in android news.

    • Adams Immersive

      It's a PC/console game, which was today announced to be coming to iOS in the form of an endless runner.

  • toxiccheese

    Endless runner???? I was excited for like a minute...

    • Belgmeister

      Wouldn't classify it as a "endless runner" tho... More of a endless shooter..

  • Philkuu

    I'm a pretty big fan of the console version. I got this for my Android to try it out and it's honestly not too bad, as long as you don't go in hoping for the same experience as what the console brought. I'm looking forward to the iOS release.