If you've got your finger on the pulse of everything that is Kingdom Rush, you probably already knew that a new Kingdom Rush game called Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is coming down the pipe. Creator Ironhide Games has been teasing it for a bit on its blog, releasing a few vague details and images every now and then. Earlier this week, a teaser trailer for the game hit the web, and we thought it was cool enough to show off to you guys.

While not showing off anything mechanical, the trailer at least shows off some new art and the promise of a new, "untamed" frontier that we'll be pummeling bad dudes in. Also, it shows off a dude with a lightning sword. Who doesn't dig that?

Frontiers is due to hit this coming Spring. We'll definitely keep our eyes out for it.

  • http://twitter.com/tone_hinrichs Tone Hinrichs


  • soh

    Can't wait. Freakin love kingdom rush.

  • Fangbone

    So is this considered Kingdom Rush 2?

  • Karzay

    Terrible teaser.

    • wafflestirrup

      I was anticipating some gameplay... sad.

      • beeto456

        Probably the same as Kingdom Rush 1 so maybe they decided to exclude that...

  • Erpiotta5

    Amazing but the trailer is soo bad

  • wafflestirrup

    So excited! I really, really enjoyed the first game. Hopefully this will be just as great.

  • LearnIIBurn

    Goodbye productivity!

  • gnome9er

    Just watch, it's gunna be more of the same. New heroes and levels maybe a new tower. I will be very surprised if its actually a real sequel.

  • Horse_Sense

    1. Trailers without gameplay are a waste of bandwidth.

    2. Kingdom Rush is a fantastic ios game. Looking forward to the sequel.

  • Lord Venom

    Is the first evil guy you see(wizard looking, staff with red jewel) the villain from the first KR, Vez'nan?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1202150 Kristen Stewart

    Excited! I'm still playing the latest update of KR. My only gripe is that I can't spend my extra stars on upgrades.

  • Streetsy _

    What is this spring you talk about? 🙂 It would be nice if you told is what month of the year, as those outside the US have to resort to the long slog to google to decipher your seasons compared to ours.(Aus)

    • http://www.facebook.com/santiago.salcedo.39 Santiago Salcedo

      yeah, and the studio is from Uruguay, (south america right next to Argentina), they have the same seasons as you guys at Australia, which makes it all more confusing because i'm guessing they're reffering to north hemisphere spring which is between March and May (depending on how far north you're at).

  • ankit555551

    I CANT WAIT..........................................
    Please bring ASAP