Earlier this afternoon, Joseph and I spent some time with The Gods: Rebellion [$0.99]. If you couldn't tell by the name, this is a video game. Specifically, it's a character action game that tasks you with beating up lots of fantasy dudes with combos, special attacks and two mean-looking axes. As you'd imagine, the game offers an extensive campaign, as well as a bunch of persistent upgrade systems that'll keep you grinding away.

Also, it uses virtual buttons extensively courtesy it's old-school combat design, which has you bashing away between three different moves to chain up combos and counter-attack. Oh! And it's an Unreal Engine 3 game, so it looks pretty sick.

If you'd like take a look, put your eyeballs on the following. It might click with ya:

  • Tommy

    I had no idea Joseph was in TA Plays, what a nice surprise.

  • blackout845

    The graphics in this game look terrible on ipad3 ,are we playing the same game?

    • demod1

      Are you sure that they look terrible? I am just wondering if that's possibly an exaggeration. This may not set a new standard for gorgeous Unreal graphics, but I can't possibly imagine that it looks terrible. It has been surmised that the decision was made to cut back on the polish of the graphics a little bit to prevent frame rate slowdowns of this nonstop action based brawler. I for one would rather have this slightly under polished gem then and over polished turd like Wanderer. Anyway, this is an Old school brawlers nostalgic dream come true on iOS!

      • blackout845

        I disagree with everything you just said :).. Its 2013 we have the hardware to put out amazing looking games that play and feel great no excuses!!!

      • demod1

        If you know of any high action brawlers on iOS that look and play better than this one, then please let me know because I have to have it!

      • gadgetfreaksta

        Try undead slayer or wraithborne

      • Hehateme78

        Lol, this is way better than wraithborne. That game lasted a good 5 days on my ipad. Better combos, gameplay, movement and story. Graphics look great on ipad 2 but cannot attest to the ipad 3.

  • Grim Joker

    I like this game, i just think that paying $ to replenish your life is a bit steep. This should be a freemium game...

    • Bischi777

      Please dont demand more freemium games 🙂 i played it so far without iap's (apart from the awsome pandabear).

      • demod1

        Yeah. Wow. Because I didn't even know that you could pay to replenish life, so I guess you certainly don't need to. Be thankful the game is a buck and not freemium.

  • elusar

    I played and finished this game. It is awesome

  • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

    Well, thanks for the walk-thru. A bit surprised at the opener -- "Neither of us have played this, we don't know anything about it. Let's just start & see what happens..."
    You'd think that'd be a recipe for fail, but it turns out this is a *VERY SIMPLE* button-thwacking combat game, so no big deal.
    As for comments -- this game has really nice looking 3D backgrounds, nice looking characters, but the gameplay IMO is lacking. It just seemed very retro (in a bad way), and not too inspired.
    But one big plus I'll give for it is cost. It's certainly not overpriced!
    I'll be passing b/c I've outgrown the pointless combat "kill the generics" to harvest whatever coin/jewel/powerup pops out types of games. Prefer some strategic options, something that stimulates the brain, not just the button mashing.

  • http://rebelord.wordpress.com Rebelord

    My immediate reaction to this gameplay video is that the graphics look like crap, and character animation looks terrible. Thanks for saving me the time with a review.

    Now don't get me wrong the game looks decent, but with all the Unreal 3 Engine hype, this game does not live up to the expectations it's putting out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathanmcelroy2 Johnny McElroy

    I think the graphics look great on the ipad3. I'm enjoying the gameplay as well, the challenge mode is great way to grind for upgrades so one doesn't have to use in app purchases. Also i've put a request in to our friends at the IAP crack to hopefully soon bypass the iap purchases for unlimited shop goodies!