For us, tonight's most notable new release is Year Walk, a moody 2D first-person puzzle game from the creators of Beat Sneak Bandit and Bumpy Road. We've been talking about it a lot over the last few days because it's an intensely clever and atmospheric game that manages to do just about everything really well. From puzzles to music to visuals, this thing sings. We've been having a blast with it, you could say.

In case you're more interested in seeing the game in action instead of reading about it, Joseph and I went ahead and recorded this TA Plays, which runs through the first 18 or so minutes of the game. We gotta warn ya: this thing has spoilers. Also, our yammering kinda robs the game of its horror and suspense, which are two of its strongest elements.

Our suggestion is if at any point you're like, "you know, I think I'll grab this," just turn off the video. Year Walk is best experienced in isolation, and you don't want to rob yourself of your ah-ha moments, do you?

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  • garret44

    Gonna wait to see this beautiful game when I buy it

  • B30

    Always funny to watch the TA Plays videos, but I will pass on this one (my spoiler-sense is tingling). 🙂

  • Jerutix

    That one part made me seriously jump. I do not do well with horror stuff.

  • decabao

    I downloaded the companion first via the nz store. The game is something about 5$, i don't remember the exact price.

  • MysticKirby

    Does anyone know what type of horror this game is? Is it jump-scares or suspense?
    I'm not watching the video because I'm interested and don't want to spoil the game, but I usually don't deal well with horror stuff.

    • DrFu79

      finished it right now. It's both.

  • Tatiana

    I'm more afraid of this Joseph character. Who are you??

    But no, seriously, this game looks amazing. I'm always a fan of horror games and gorgeous visuals. Decided to opt out of the gameplay video this time to be 100% surprised.

  • the fish

    And you're telling bout monsters n stuff. It's so scary. The game is so great. And I'm just like...meh, this looks boring! I guess I have to play this myself to see how great it really is.