One of today's more notable releases is Fallon's Fury [Free], one of two (count 'em) upcoming iOS game tie-ins for Jack the Giant Slayer, a film that seeks to take the whole Jack and the Beanstalk tale to the next level. Boil it down, and it's just a silly little adventure that revolves around breaking stuff. In the game, you're put behind the wheel of a lumbering two-headed giant and are tasked with killing dudes, smashing buildings, and eating cows. Every time you do one of these things, you earn points. Points are a good thing, we think.

Fallon's Fury only has one level and you can push through it pretty fast. In our play session this morning, Eli and I managed to "beat" game twice in about ten minutes. So, take that as you will.

If you'd like to check out, give the following a look. I should also note that our second run was a pacifist run. Ever heard of a non-human killing giant? We're flipping the script over here!

  • Greyskull

    The fact that you can beat that level in 15 minutes instead of 15 days+iaps is a positive IMO.

  • Schutzenegger

    Side note, Jack the Giant Slayer is a standalone story. The movie is just mashing it up with the beanstalk.

    • dancj

      I'm pretty sure the two stories have always been pretty intertwined.

    • john360

      Interesting... Is there any giants you can challenge like dragons or something and upgrade weapons or more items? Because
      If you only wreak havoc and destroy castles thats pretty boring, just sayin

  • grits

    Looks dumb. Maybe they should spend like $1 million and get a good game made for free.