As of this posting, we're an hour out from Sony's official press conference revealing the next PlayStation. Code named "Orbis," Sony has done a surprisingly good job of keeping details under wraps aside from some "leaked" photos of what a potentially-prototype controller looks like. If you've been following our podcast, you'll know we're no strangers to speculation of what these next generation consoles are all going to be about, especially with how digital distribution and mobile games in general have exploded in such a fantastic way since the release of current generation consoles.

I mean, really, when you were first unboxing your PS3 did you ever think you'd be watching HD-quality movies and playing games with console-quality graphics on your phone inside of a few years? So, it'll be neat to see how Sony reacts to all that. They sort of have to, right? Maybe?

Either way, this stream should go live at 6:00 PM Eastern:

We're putting this post up a little early to start some kind of comment discussion, as it'll be neat to see how everyone's pre-event predictions translate to what actually ends up getting shown. So, go nuts!

  • Crunchewy

    I'm excited to see what they announce. I don't think I'll be getting a PS4 any time soon - I only recently got a PS3 - but eventually, sure.

  • jesipr

    I think they will announce the PS4.

    • Josue Feliciano

      Nailed it.

  • Tim Cant

    Would it be childish to bring up Real Racing 3 again?

    • caaalrb


  • Josue Feliciano

    I think people are expecting too much from today's announcement. I don't think they'll announce a price or a date. they'll announce a name
    "the new PlayStation invitro" or something equally ridiculous. They'll show off the lame controller with a touchpad, anounce a bunch of games with a 4 in the title, show off footage that may or may not be CG, have some strange tech demos and call it a day.

    • merifield

      You are a prophet dude. Word for word, everything you said, they did

  • B3nlok

    I usually don't Double post, but it seems appropriate here:

    Yawn....Im not remotely interested in whatever Sony or Microsof brings
    to the table if the major selling point they're focusing is still the
    same of 30 years ago, Graphics.
    Battlefield 3, Crysis, Gran Turismo 5, Project Gothan Racing 4 are quite close of Photorealism. No matter how good Next gen graphics are, i know I wont see my jaw on the floor again.
    My advice: go VR or Mobile or go home

    • swarmster

      That seems like a strange sentiment to me, but I've seen it around a lot. Sure, mobile/portable games might be the most exciting right now in some ways, and VR will be cool when it happens, but at least for the foreseeable future it seems to me that the big-screen-and-gamepad console experience will be stalwart.

      I mean, there hasn't been anything revolutionary in movies (although, okay, 3D and HFR are real neat), but I still regularly watch them. And I don't even do it on my phone. I still listen to music and last I heard people are still happily making that stuff. I'll probably long enjoy home games, and as long as that's true I'll need some hardware to play them on. And hopefully that hardware continues to improve over time. *shrug*

      • swarmster

        That got a little more conceptual than I intended. I guess my point is you either kind of like console games and might want to buy one in the next 10 years, or you don't. And if you don't, it's not surprising that the night where some company is talking about their next console isn't super exciting for you.

      • Greyskull

        My concern is the emphasis on graphics has pushed aside many of the inventive ideas and just plain fun games or generations' past. I suppose it's a function of the budgets required to make modern, trite games. As recently as the PS2, there were plenty of games which, while not coming close to pushing the limits on the system, saw US/Europe release, often for less than 50 bucks. Games by the likes of Genki and From; crazy fun games like Parrapa the Rappa, Ape Escape, Robotic Alchemic Drive, Tokyo Drift, Mr. Mosquito, REZ, Warship Gunner, etc. etc. etc. Games that had almost no marketing but could make a profit becuase 10 million wasn't spent on production.

      • Bool Zero

        You have to take into account that the PS2 era ended in a degradation of the industry and dissolution of many development studios and over saturation of genres that nearly killed off their development on consoles. And it wasn't a case of graphical emphasis taking a way side to grand and innovative concepts; within perspective most games were still pushing the boundaries of what had not been previously graphically in other generations. The

  • TheMountain

    Well I am pretty positive they are going to release the PS4 as this post would not have been created if it were not true.

    Anyway, hopefully the new system has way more life-like graphics that will open a bigger gap between console and mobile games. Games like Real Racing 3 look just as good as the Xbox 360 right now if not close to it. I'd also like to see a different perspective of playing that looks 3D enough to be like you are the one handling the gun and your surrounding look just like they are in real life if that makes sense.

    Games are also important and hopefully the new Playstation comes out with games people are going to want to play, rather than being forced to play once they get their new console. That is how I felt about the PS Vita.

  • Matias Welz

    *twiddles his thumbs*

  • RickyBrooke

    I'm really excited to see the announcement and hope to hear about game integration into mobile devices and if Bungies 'Destiny' is going to be available on it...

  • Donald Simmons

    ive heard 3 different times for this . when does it start?

  • futuresgreen

    Well I'm hoping for a taste of what the future brings for console gaming. Cloud gaming seems a definite, the whole way that you can't really multitask on the ps3 when downloading, installing etc.. , 4k graphics maybe built in with a TV ??, more involvement of the vita like the wii u maybe ??, new controller seems a definite and maybe more media involved somehow ?? And a much smaller and simpler looking console ??
    They have to get the price right this time with a decent set of launch titles.

  • caaalrb

    Is it just me, or does this guy have tiny hands.

  • AlexsIpad

    It's not working!

  • Greyskull

    I don't recall playing any games with console quality graphics on my phone. Unless you count static backgrounds, on-rails gameplay, lack of physics, etc. to be console quality. Oh yeah! Vice City DOES look better on my phone then it did on my Playstation.

  • JCman7

    I'm happy with my WiiU, it's not getting enough credit so far but it's much better when you play it I was doubtful at first. Good luck to Sony nothing like good competition to keep game companies on their toes!

  • mguniverse

    Why is this on TouchArcade?

    • Eli Hodapp

      ...Is this a rhetorical question? This is a video game site, why wouldn't we have something about a video game event that millions and millions of people are currently streaming?

      • natedogg213

        Eli, I play your mom like a video game. Why isn't she on the site as well?

      • Eli Hodapp

        She is, she posts under the byline of "Jared Nelson" as her pen name.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Played her too.

  • B3nlok

    Aaaaaand my post is gone. Ty Touch Arcade.
    On a side note, mega Yawn. Nothing really jaw dropping, as expected

    Diminishing returns

    • Greyskull

      Gaming is killing itself once again. I would love to see a bunch of the major studios forced to file Chapter 7, if only to the industry more closely aligned with the consumer, ala '84. Oh, and if anyone thinks ET "caused" the video game CONSOLE crash back then... you've been reading too much sillyness. It was the advent of personal computers like the Commodore Pet/64, Sinclair, Apple, Spectrum, etc. which cost the same price as a console yet were much more useful; with cheaper software to boot.

      • MrAlbum

        And thus, history repeats itself. New types of tech decreases demand for old types of tech. Smartphones/ tablets are the C64's and Spectrums of today. The trend is eerily similar.

        Then again, consoles switched focus and redoubled their efforts, and managed to become culturally relevant again after the crash by adapting to the impacts of the new technology. Yeah, there was some floundering, but then the NES hit, and the rest is history.

        Consoles will morph into something else given a few years IMHO. We humans just hate to get rid of nostalgic concepts too much 😉

      • caaalrb

        Man, you guys are crazy. Everything's awesome and no ones happy. Between mobile games, consoles, and pc we're in the midst of a remarkable time for gamers.


    They announced all this and didn't even show a preview of what the console looks like!? Are you kidding me!? We have to wait until E3?! WOW.

  • abriggsy

    I'm an Xbox guy but I was interested in seeing what Sony had to offer. DID THEY EVEN SHOW A PICTURE OF IT? I didn't see one. And also bungee pissed me off with "destiny". They ditch halo to create the SAME FREAKING GAME. Looked so identical.

  • Boobi

    Excellent, looking forward to the PS4. I am surprised by Blizzard joining and Bungie. It looks to me as Sony is really putting everything they can to make PS4 a success.

  • ramon31

    I thought I saw a Playstation version of Wii Music, wow Sony is original. Also does anyone really care about polygon counts anymore, I thought that sold consoles back in the PS1 era?

  • crocydie90

    The GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 never on PS3 is on PS4 !!!!

  • jeffyg3

    Wii, Have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 this generation, but I think this generation I'll only get one of them to save on money. Wii U just looks very boring, very underpowered...bland with a crappy slow UI. Nothing really too interesting was announced on the PS4 that made me really want it. I think I'll see what Microsoft has up their sleeves for the next Xbox, kind of interested in seeing what implementations they're planning for the next gen Kinect. The Kinect now is ok, but definitely needs improvement with quicker tracking and other aspects, hopefully the next gen Xbox with Kinect does a better job, cuz it could be something great.

  • september


  • Press2Play

    minecraft 2 on ps4 cant wait

  • futuresgreen

    Yes it was disappointing not to see the console and no price, however, this console won't be out for another 8/9 months, so much can change in that time and no doubt it's a strategy move regards the Xbox. Those who said they saw nothing new, well it's a console ! The specs are massively improved and to have a bunch of developers and publishers publicly endorsing this is pretty amazing. I think Sony know the days of complete domination are gone but the titles look and sound exciting, ideas sound creative and awesome and they genuinely seemed to have listened, there's a lot of detail.
    We'll definitely hear more of coming weeks and months and especially around Xbox reveal. It'll be interesting to see if they move in a similar direction.