Blitz Brigade is the name of Gameloft's next online third-person shooter, and we've got some footage of the game just below. The video positions it firmly as a Team Fortress 2 knock-off, complete with zany music, a cheerful art style, and strong characterizations for each of the game's classes. The action, on the other hand, is looking a little more traditional as far as competitive shooters go.

In case you were wondering, this is a free-to-play joint that will also incorporate some sort of single-player component in addition to its multiple competitive modes. Gameloft says it'll release more info closer to Blitz's release date, which, by the way, is "soon." Buckle up. Or something.

  • King hAPPy

    Can't complain, free to play, but does it have hats?

    • Matt Lukens

      Money hats only!

    • Akhmed

      It doesn't have hats

  • The_Joker1721

    Here's to hoping its a great game!

  • johnnyv

    What is it with gameloft and ripping off titles?

    • Skullinton

      They know that these bog titles will never hit iOS, so they give us a Rip-Off of them... Which is actually nice IMO.

    • Eugene Ward

      Let's try this again, twitter deleted my last reply. It was basically that I really enjoy the gameloft treatment. I find that their versions of the games are usually more fun to me. I had a blast with their Castlevania and their Resident Evil, and like how they actually improve on the originals (such as actually having combos in their Castlevania and letting you move, aim and shoot at the same time in their Resident Evil). Plus, their Castlevania had a more meaningful story in my opinion. Then there's having Castlevania and Resident Evil for $5 in my pocket, though I wish they'd port their Castlevania to iOS.

      I'm hoping they do Phantasy Star Online next, though if we get the Vita and iOS versions over here I won't really care I suppose.

      • Skullinton

        Agreed πŸ™‚

  • Aventador

    It looks like mix between battlefield heroes and team fortress which is awesome because both games are very good

  • crocydie90

    This game just like BATTLEFIELD HEROES from ea game !!! But the graphic are awesome

  • felipe

    Wow.. Looks like copy of a big title from steam!

  • Bi88les

    This is going to have IAPs out the hoo-ha!

  • Sonny Whitaker

    I think Gameloft has reached a large enough and talented enough studio to start producing their own IP.

    • riChchestMat

      Large enough maybe. Not sure about the other part

      • Wikilix

        True, money can't create originality.

      • Skullinton

        Everything has been done now a day, and its quite hard to come with an original concept... All you can do is take what exists and reshape it...

  • zalanking

    is there any news for the duo gamer support?

  • ksaPLAYER


  • Jonathan Severn

    Gameloft is now ripping off EA games, this is a new low

    • Zeldaniac

      Actually, Gameloft is ripping off EA who ripped off the sequel of a Valve game. Pitiful.

  • Daniel Brown

    So this is going to be a free to play? I am going to check it out!

  • AccessGranted

    This could be interesting. I always wanted a TF style game on iOS even though it would be torture compared to actual controls. XD I hope they make a Portal-like also. πŸ™‚

    • Zeldaniac

      If they take any money from Calve with their ripoffs I will throw the first molotov cocktail.

      • Zeldaniac


  • josh nolan

    this IAP crap is going to force my hand and to just get a ps vita ....I refuse to download any freemium/paymium BS... Please no one download this or any of the them so they will go back to just paid games....Wild Blood was rigged... I killed the big fat guy....his life was all the way to zero.... I had full life and was fully stocked and had to refill my life...4 times....and he still killed me....All this after he was..."dead"

  • jindofox

    The cartoon style catches my eye, I think that looks great on iOS.
    The realistic gore is a huge turnoff for me. Do people really like all this blood?
    Surprised Brad didn't mention all the musculature.

  • Darius

    Definitely not one of Gameloft's more graphically impressive games, but looks fun nonetheless.

  • cclogg

    Finally Gameloft is making original titles! Looks very unique and not like anything released by Mr. Newell around 2007!!

    • Seth Barnes


  • Kaimen

    Do they fight against the Russians???? Cold War is over long ago, this is so cliche now.

  • Torkin

    Gameloft? No thanks!

  • Smokey956

    This is so awesome it's like playing BATTLEFIELD HEROES but on my iPod touch 5g. Gameloft y'all make the best games and also it's free πŸ™‚

    • tahzblade

      There are rumours that you have yo pay real money to get diamonds and u need diamonds to play matches :/

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Hey look its team fortress 2!

  • King hAPPy

    Wonder if it's gonna go limp like TF2, with just a bunch of people waiting for crates, yawn.

  • Duke Shin


  • seong123

    I have horrible news..... This game is third person o-0

    • tahzblade

      On the gameplay trailer its first person

      • seong123

        Sorry, i thought a blog said it was third person but it actually said that it was like the third person game, bettlefield heroes

  • tahzblade

    Lots of people and sites are saying that you have to pay diamonds to play online after 5 matches and diamonds cost real money πŸ™ and if that isnt the case the company is gameloft ... so of course if its free to get anywere youll have to pay real money for in-app purchases

  • snozzyboy

    Any word on this?

    • nomorejoking

      Yes it is, but for some reason, my tokens cost zero diamond, and i maxed out

  • DrUnicorn77

    This game looks pretty good. It is TF2 on an app so I can't wait to see how it turns out

  • tahzblade

    Hey guys good news ! There's a new app called respawnables and its free its just like Team Fortress 2 so while we wait for this game we can get the respawnables πŸ™‚

    • tahzblade

      But its third person shooter but still super fun !!

    • tahzblade

      But its third person shooter but still really fun

      • tahzblade

        Change my mind this game respawnables is shit just wait for blitz brigade no one will ever top that

  • FuzzyMuzzy

    This is ment to come early May