Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I checked out X-Runner [Free]. As you'd expect, it's an endless runner. Where it differs a bit is in its conceit. You play as some sort of space roller skater tasked with skating through space pipes and space bridges. The more distance you can cover without whacking a space crate, the higher your score. You know the drill.

Along the way, you can pick up power-ups that'll turn the space skater invisible or into a crate-wrecking machine. You can upgrade the duration and strength of these effects by collecting the game's currency and plopping it into your character.

We're not so sure about this one. You'd figure the momentum would at least feel a little bit different than most other runners out there since you play as a space roller skater and all, but this issn't the case. On the other hand, this is a solid runner. Maybe it's worth your time:

  • kenwong

    at the 2 minute mark you can see they misspelt the name of the game in their own menu. oops.