Pinball HD Collection's [Free] brilliant AC/DC-themed pinball table is now out and available as a standalone download on the App Store.

AC/DC Pinball Rocks [$2.99], as it's called, feels like a celebration of the band as much as it is a pinball table. Songs like "You Shook Me All Night Long" accompany the play, giving fans of the band something to dig into as they pile up high scores.

Our resident Pinball Wizard, Jared "Pinball Wizard" Nelson, has said, and still thinks, this table is pretty solid. We're into the app's second screen support, which lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a controller. It's pretty cool functionality.

Why release this as a standalone now? The band's catalog is finally available on iTunes, so it's probably safe to assume Sony wants to capitalize on that excitement as much as possible. Lucky us!

  • HerbertKornfeld

    Oh boy, two pinball stories in two days. Awesome. Hopefully, we're not pinball'd out, though. We still haven't done a story on the best one yet: Revenge of the Rob-o-Bot. Check the forums, either here or over at Pinball Arcade Fans. Not many people have found it yet, but for those who have, it's been getting rave reviews.

    This is a AAA pinball table, for people who love pinball. Gameprom titles were nice, back in the day, in the pre- Zen and Farsight and LittleWing days. But Rob-o-Bot fits in well with these other quality pinball titles, even now. Heck, I prefer Rob-o-Bot to some of their latest offerings. So seriously, check it out.

    And would it be too much to ask for three pinball stories in three days? Fingers crossed.

  • GSport70

    It's been a stand alone app for quite some time....

    • B30

      That's right, bought it on the 24.11.'11 as a standalone app!

    • dwx882

      I was about to say "isn't this a little late??". I bought it Thanksgiving day last year.

  • GordLacey

    Yeah, this started as a standalone app.

  • felipe

    2.99 its too much, .99 makes more sense

  • Cat Astrophy

    The lightning bolts being the same colors as the flippers (including their borders) would throw me off