Following on the heels of the recent release of My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic [Free], Gameloft is readying another freemium city-builder from another Hasbro property, this time for Littlest Pet Shop. If you remember back a couple of decades ago, Littlest Pet Shop was a line of toys featuring adorable animals who lived in a pet shop. Later it became a short-lived animated show, and while I wasn't an Littlest Pet Shop'er myself I certainly remember the toys and show from back in the day.

Then in 2004 the franchise was rebooted with a brand new toy line featuring even more adorable little pets to collect, and just this past weekend a new 'Littlest Pet Shop' animated show was released on Hasbro's own channel The Hub, which was also produced by the same studio that created the 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' animated show that has turned out to be such a hit. The new toy line, animated show, and Gameloft's new mobile game have no relation to the original Littlest Pet Shop from the '90s, so if you're hoping to drum up some of that childhood nostalgia from that time then you might be out of luck here.

With the Littlest Pet Shop history lesson out of the way, let's take a look at the game. As mentioned, it's a freemium city-builder, but unlike My Little Pony which uses a Farmville-esque isometric viewpoint Littlest Pet Shop is a horizontally-based building game, similar to the ultra-popular Happy Street [Free]. Check out the screens.

If you've played a freemium city-builder in the past, you likely already know what to expect from Littlest Pet Shop. It has in-game currencies and cool-down timers for doing most anything, and of course the option to purchase IAP to speed up the process if you get impatient. If you're a big fan of the newest Littlest Pet Shop franchise though, then you'll likely enjoy collecting the over 150 pets in the game and playing a selection of mini-games to help care for them. If that sounds like your kind of thing then mark you calendars for November 22nd when Littlest Pet Shop is scheduled to arrive in the App Store.

  • xDyNaMiiCx

    Omg, I can't wit for this. iOS games are so complex.

  • DannyTheElite

    Just as gameloft were getting it right with zombiewood they release this rubbish
    How about more cars in asphalt 7?

    • AcneVulgaris

      Zombiewood sounds like a game about post mortem priapism.

  • Chumbake

    Jared, you forgot the last 't' in the title. It's "Littlest," not Littles. 😉

  • Yann Le Coroller

    really ? how much did they pay you to BS us with a so boring and irrelevant App ?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Like it or not, people are interested in these sorts of games. Our My Little Pony stories were some of the most popular articles of the past two weeks.

      • Cat Scam

        I have two daughters that love my little pony and will love this too. TA is just informing the parent gamers.

    • Mike

      I was gonna say, not all iOS users are 20 something jaded gamers like ourselves, haha. I worked with kids and Littlest Pet Shop was all the rage. I bet they make bank off this app.

  • Jenny

    DANGIT! I'm not going to tell you how many hours I spent playing the LPS games on my DSi, but just know this. This is cruel and unusual punishment from Gameloft, I thought I'd gotten this adorableness out of my system for good, grown up and matured. Gah!

  • LOLavi

    Not as cool as MLP.

  • Jonas Lum

    Bleh... I'll just stick with MLP.

  • Eegah

    let's see here... figure the panda bear's body is a cylinder call it radius 1 height about 3 so a volume of about 9.5... head's a prolate spheroid somewhere around 10 by 6 making its volume 188 or so, prolly made of mostly the same stuff so... yeah that panda bear's head better be made of helium or something cause it's seriously 20 times bigger than the body

  • 1Fcm

    I agree... My Little Pony is more hardcore than this baby game. 😛