This morning, Jared and I checked out Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile [$2.99], the latest Street Fighter iPhone and iPad title from the series' developer, Capcom. If you've been playing these mobile versions of Street Fighter for a while, you'll feel at home with this one, as it rocks similar controls and some familiar faces and game modes.

Of course, the Tekken mash-up is a strong point of differentiation. Veterans will notice some creative changes to the actual fighting mechanics and systems that make for a fresh game. Guys like me won't have the time to see much in the way of this since we'll be too busy getting destroyed by the AI or an actual real, human opponent.

We'll have more on this game in the near future, but if you wanted to peek, go ahead.

  • Josue Feliciano

    That sure is a video game.

  • ChaosProdigy

    Onlinei went 30 wins in a row agains 30 different people last 4days... Seems Ruy/Gyle is OP as heck.

  • CaptYadierPR

    Ryu guile sux, i havent lost to any of both yet.

  • asolja

    Why oh why do we have to have these boring comments from whoever they are.Thank jebers for the mute button.

  • asolja

    Game seems good which is more than can be said for the 2 clowns dialogue.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Can the person who does articles on fighters at least be a fan of the genre?

  • jeffmd

    glad to see they finally did some real work on this game and made it full 3d..I thought it was insulting when the 3ds version was better visually then the iOS version. Still I am a bit disappointing that the roster is so small considering the relative ease it is to transfer the models over vs the 2d based versions. 

  • BulkSlash

    I've been really getting into this game lately. It was a bit of a culture shock at first, as it felts quite different to Volt- I think the move to 3D has given a bit of weight to the characters. Also getting to grips again with Tekken characters I've not really used since Tekken 3 was fun. I'm glad it started with a small roster as it has allowed me to really learn their ins and outs. I love chaining up a combo then switching to the backup character and chaining up a load more hits!

    My only gripe is the slight jerkiness to proceedings. I believe the game is locked to 30fps (or the animations are) which makes the change to 3D less impressive than it could have been, as it's not really any smoother than Volt. Loading up Soul Calibur and seeing everything smoothly animated at 60fps is quite a large contrast. Perhaps 30fps is to help keep the game playable on older devices as it runs really well on my iPhone 4.

  • NorrisForever79

    Cool games but tiny roster! Volt is better IMHO for graphics and gameplay!

  • Gaurang Naik

    I didnt like the game. less characters and very flashy backgrounds. The moments are also too fast. I will prefer the super street fighter 4 volt version

  • yocdub

    It's fun I did cool combo