The iPhone 5 is taller, faster, and an actual real thing, Apple revealed this afternoon at its much-anticipated event. And to our delight, Fire Monkeys' Real Racing 3 shared some of the spotlight, giving people in the audience a practical glimpse at the power of the device's new A6 processor and the look of an app in wide-screen 16:9.

On-stage, Rob Murray from EA called Real Racing 3 "full console quality," and the photos we've seen backs that up. This thing looks beautiful, and it's rocking at least one exciting feature, courtesy the A6: rear-view mirrors that actually project what's going on behind you in a race.

Details on the game's features are still slim, but one other cool thing came from the event. According to Murray, Real Racing 3 will have asynchronous multiplayer, which we expect, in practice, to work basically work like time trial ghosts. Neat!

[images via The Verge]

  • Greyskull

    "an"actual real thing, not "and" natural real thing. Sorry, just wanted to let you correct that before others notice. Feel free to delete this comment.

    • DecafTable

      Stop picking the article apart and just enjoy it for what it is.

  • Seth Kiehl

    Engadget mentioned the cars were bumping each other in asynch racing. I'm not sure how that works logistically but it sounds like a nice touch to time trial ghosts.

  • Brendan Charles

    There's a disappointing lack of game announcements at today's event (so far) - 1 game announced? Now 2? Real Racing and Clumsy ninja? Where's Infinity Blade Dungeons?!

    • Michael Matzat

       It´s not the first time TA is loosing integrity over fanboytisem. Remember how they expected GTA3 to be out any day because of "uhm...?". They should hold themselfs back on these things a bit more when being public on TA. What you think and talk in private is a different story... but just throwing out wild guesses brings unhappy readers. 🙂

      • Michael Matzat

         Also Clumsy Ninja = Nintendogs with Ninjas = winning.

      • Adams Immersive

        As long as they call it a guess and not a fact, I think their integrity is intact 🙂

  • Honza Marek

    iPod 4G is dead 🙁

    • wingz

      .......well thts why there bringing out a new ipod touch so people can keep up

  • Cause007

    Loosely related... I noticed an update in Forums about Lili... they're saying they are wrapping up the game "really soon" and have more to announce today.

  • regkilla

    so no Infinity Blade: Dungeons yet

  • Guillaume Merle

    Looks pretty good indeed!

  • DecafTable

    Who cares about dungeons, I want Infinity Blade 3!

    • regkilla

      Many people care.

  • RSA2394

    Praying this comes out for ipod touch 4g but i doubt it :/

  • PS Vita Roundup

    I'd say Apple let Sony and Nintendo off the hook yet again, all it takes it for Tim Cook to introduce John Carmack on stage at one of these events, waving a new type of controller and it would be game over for them...

  • Gatada

    Well, the time shifted multiplayer wasn't presented as traditional ghost racing, as the player racing can interact with the "ghost" and affect the race time... So, some pretty feisty competition should be the result!

    This will hopefully feel as responsive as the previous games; though I hope it will also feel "faster" and rougher. The previous games I don't really feel the high speeds all that well..

  • John Francis

    Apparently even EA has to bow and play "console quality" card if they want a minute to show their product at the biggest press conference in the world. It's just such an insult to all their other studios who have to spend another year in development to add effects and detail that the idevices still can't handle.

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    This game does look pretty damn impressive! It's amazing this is on a cell phone... The times we live in!

  • xepiczx

    I can't wait to get this just watched the keynote on iTunes and saw this game and now I can't wait.

  • Socius

    Actually they're not incorrect. Remember that the wii is also a console. 😉 Also it should be pointed out that console gaming is at the low end of the totem pole. I have 4 video cards in my computer system. Each one of those cards is the same price as 3 consoles. So you can imagine the difference between console and oc games. And why it's not unreasonable to say a $700 phone can pretty well match the quality of a $200 device designed with hardware from 9 years ago (though it launched 7 years ago)

  • pauldavidmerritt

    I don't agree to an agonizing death to anyone, but if you support this dick move, Freemium money cow, needs to just move on to playing Four Square. Or, maybe making balloon animals, knitting a sweatshirt. If YOU help these developers continuing the iAP plague--stop. Stop it! Now! The MORE you buy from this crap, the LESS they will come out with really great games. Geeze. Stop playing games like you're a twelve yr. old using mommy and daddy's credit card.