Dishonored: Rat Assassin [Free / Free (HD)] is a game about slicing rats in half, much like its inspiration Fruit Ninja is about slicing, you know, fruit in half. Our all-seeing eye usually passes over cash-in video games like these, but this one is notable on a couple of levels. It's Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda's first iPhone and iPad game, for one, and it's also a tie-in for Bethesda's Dishonored, which is an upcoming RPG being developed for both PC and consoles.

Across the Rat Assassin's three modes, rats fly across the screen and you're charged with whacking them as they crop up. The more rats you get, generally, the higher your score. The challenge mode adds a few wrinkles to this.

Rats are kind of a big deal in Dishonored, by the way. You can possess them and use them to help you kill things or to sneak around. This video should give you some context on this, if you're a little lost.

  • HelperMonkey

    I went airborne when I saw the name Bethesda. This chopping rats thing brought me back down. It smells like a commercial.
    Hopefully Bethesda is testing the iOS waters and will jump in with something more substantial someday.

    • SoyGreen

      Yeah - was excited to see the name as well - then I read what it actually is... and I couldn't have been more disappointed. A disgusting Fruit Ninja clone... I'd be embarrassed if I worked for Bethesda and I had to have my name attached to this project.

      • Adams Immersive

        Random animal cruelty just never seemed fun to me—even the insect-smashing games. Now, make those rats possessed, giant, alien, robot, or just evil and comin’ at me to eat me, and we have another story! And I’m sure there’s a vague story/reason mentioned even in this game. But what are you actually doing? Slicing a lot of living animals, who are not even paying attention to you, in half. The enemies are the bombs mixed in. (And look for vids on YouTube: looks pretty boring with the animals just kind of riding invisible “elevators” up and down the screen like lanes of traffic. I don’t see physics-based “tossing” of things at you like Fruit Ninja. Which makes it less of a clone, but it also doesn’t look fun.)

      • keem85

        You really shed some light over the gaming industry here. I totally agree. I hate to see innocent animal being killed.

      • brando

        Your right it is lame. Bethesda is only doing this to promote Dishonored. They could of at least made a side scroller, anything would've been better than this.

  • SoyGreen

    What an incredibly stupid first iOS game from a Top Tier game developer. Seriously...

  • Himmat Singh

    What a surprise - this is actually the first totally free game in a long while. Granted, it's here to promote their PC game, but even movie tie-ins are filled with IAPs if they are free. This one has not a single IAP. And the unlock system makes you want to be a better player and will probably keep you drawn in for some time.

    How  I wish free games were like this (or at least the paid ones) in the sense they don't/shouldn't contain IAPs.

    • GSJ1977

      Well, what's better than an ad for your product? An ad that people will pay you to see!

      Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  • araczynski

    what a waste of time/effort.

  • triptych

    In a word: ewww?

  • ImJPaul

    This came out like 2 weeks ago. Wasn't interested then. Still not interested. Ptt.

  • ratsinheat

    Touch Arcades all-seeing eye avoids cash ins? Interesting. I guess we won't be seeing any more useless stories about angry birds games then.

    • GSJ1977

      Er, yeah, I thought that comment was odd as well. Didn't we get a whole TA Plays on that IB re-skin with politicians recently? Oh well, whatever.

  • Psiufoxx

    Yay, complaining about a free game...

    • SoyGreen

      I'm complaining - but it's not about the game being free - it's that a company with the reputation for such fantastic games has wasted so much time on something so stupid...

  • GSJ1977


  • kendahlj

    Well they don't really need an ad...Dishonored looks awesome. Maybe even $60 worthy...

  • TomCrown

    Bethesda's time would have been much better served and rewarded by releasing Dishonored for Mac instead of this steaming pile of shit.

  • dragon2777

    It is free but honestly it is boring (just played it). I was like everyone else and flipped when I saw Bethesda and then the excitement went away.

  • 12yam

    Lol wat

  • Phillip Alan Platt

    Rats are awesome, and this is not cool.

  • TheBunny

    Don't confuse bethesda publishing with bethesda game studio.
    Every game published by bethesda publishing says bethesda on it.
    This does not mean that bethesda game studio worked on the project at all.

  • Toyota974

    COME ON, i want fallout 1 and/or 2 on my IOS device PLEASE, not this ....

  • Toyota974

    FALLOUT 1 and or 2 NOT THIS CRAP, or fallout 3 in the same style as fallout 1 and 2.

  • Toyota974

    Oh, i did post my first comment, oops

  • wizegie

    They made an ios game for rage. It was also terrible. ios is clearly not a platform prioity for them jn any way other than pr. But are crappy games really good pr? I think not. They are sullying their good name.