If you've been following the Apple rumor mill, you likely already know nearly everything that was revealed today during Apple's keynote. Oddly enough, all of the leaks were shockingly accurate with the rest easily filled in with some educated guesses. Regardless, it's now all official, and as of this Friday you'll be able to preorder your shiny new iPhone 5.

In fact, the entire existing iPhone product lineup has shifted down, making the iPhone 4 the free phone, the 4S $99, and the new iPhone 5 at $199, $299, and $399 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The iPhone 5 is thinner, with better battery life, a 1136x640 16:9 screen, LTE, and the A6 chipset which Apple is boasting twice the performance of the A5.

Additionally, the dock connector is out and a new cable standard called "Lightning" is in. It's 80% smaller, and can be inserted in either direction. WiFi now can use the 5Ghz 802.11n spectrum, the screen can display more colors, and the camera is better. In essence, the iPhone 5 is everything the iPhone 4S was, but better and with a bigger screen at similar pricepoints.

On the iPod touch front, a new device was revealed that features a similar screen to the iPhone 5, while only being 6.1mm thick. It has 7x the performance of the existing iPod touch, and a 5 megapixel camera on the back capable of doing all the panoramic wizardry that the new iPhone can. Siri and AirPlay mirroring also join the iPod touch feature set in addition to a pop-up button that a wrist strap can be attached to.

The iPod touch is available in white, black, blue, yellow and red, starting at $299 and ships in October.

Apple's headphones have also been redesigned. Dubbed "EarPods" they're said to be a breakthrough in both comfort and audio quality. They're being shipped today and are going to be included with new iPods and iPhones. Neat!

We've got Jared on the scene who will hopefully provide some hands-on impressions with the new devices, but in the meantime check out Apple.com for all the nitty gritty details of the new announcements today as well as the actual keynote video which will likely be posted soon.

Photography: Gdgt

  • http://www.facebook.com/leydenirwin Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    So seems like theres no new iPad, unless I missed something. 

    • bobbcat

       The new iPad is to be announced later on according to what I have read.

      • Michael Matzat

        Since the first iPad has been announced there always were "rumores" for a new iPad being released three month later an devery month from than on. It never happend but people still ate every new rumore up each year again and again. Do not expect a new iPad before around April 2013.
        Same for the iPad mini, there has been talk about that since before the iPad 2. It never happened just as the often (at least before the 4 and 4s) talked about iPhone nano never happened. Do not expect it to show up any time soon.

        Dos this mean these things will never happen at all? New iPads before Chrissmass, smaler devices like in the "before smartphone era"? - No, at some point it might just happen because even apple changes their philosophy (years ago they were talking about never doing a tablet - now it´s outselling Desctop PCs) but don´t eat up every BS websites and "annalists" give you. In the end these people are getting payed not for being right but for being read. They have an interest in keeping you interested. And something as boring as the iPhone 5 turned out to be (not saing it is bad, but there is nothing special about it, it just got a little better) will not keep you coming visiting their sites or buying their magazines regularly.

      • Relytgninroht

        Just pointing out- it isn't outselling PC's all together. PC's still outsell all the iOS and Mac devices. They were talking about individual brands- like Sony or Dell. 

        It's Apples thing- make misleading facts and info (which is mostly true) that sounds more impressing than it actually is.

      • GSJ1977

        Yeah, Windows 7 has sold over 600m copies in under 3 years. And I think it's safe to assume that PC sales > Windows 7 sales.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=789334798 Mike Kohary

        In what way is it not impressive that the iPad is outselling any single PC manufacturer?  There is nothing misleading about the statement Apple made.

      • Relytgninroht

        The fact that the market is saturated with probably too many PCs? There are so many PC brands to choose from, and the iPad wasn't that far ahead of big brands like Dell or Sony- it was barely over them.

        The misleading part is that they said it was outselling PCs, when it was only outselling individual brands. It makes people think that as a whole, PC sales are below the sales of the iPad with the way that Apple said it.

    • regkilla

      no iPad Mini

      • ImJPaul

        They'll probably wait till end of Q1-Q2 to release any new iPad. Since the new one came out in like march. Or whatever it was.

  • http://pinoyteens.net/ PinoyTeens.Net

    The iPod touch has caught most of my attention. It's really a huge upgrade from its former specs... it's now sort of an iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 hybrid - for a much cheaper price and without the contract.

    • Michael Matzat

      Yeah, but if you can get that iPod touch you can also use an old iPhone. Same processor. Same time to be outdated by iOS/the gameing marked.

      • http://pinoyteens.net/ PinoyTeens.Net

        Hard to get hold off here, iPhones are quite pricey in the Philippines (esp. contract free) - iPod touch on the other hand are available virtually anywhere at the same price of the Apple Online Store, if not, lower.

      • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

        Make sure you get a pink strap to match it, buddy.

  • TheFrost

    This will be mine soon 😀

  • JCman7

    Still hoping for an iPad mini event in Oct

  • regkilla

    The iPhone 5 is a beast!

    • http://RolePlayFTW.com Huy Ngo

      Meh.  Getting bored of mediocre 1-step up hardware and stylized looks changes.  Why do I have to replace all of my original docking connector accessories?  Where's the beef?  I'm getting old and looking cooler than my iPhone 4s doesn't cut it.

      • Michael Matzat

        You don´t have to. You can buy a 30$ adapter. <3 

      • http://RolePlayFTW.com Huy Ngo

        WOOHOO!! Only $30 bucks?  I'd gladly pay at least $60 for an apple adapter!

      • http://www.facebook.com/ian.vischansky Ian Vischansky

         The sarcasm is strong with this one.

      • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

        Don't listen to him, they are only 10 bucks.

      • DCver3

        I just looked up the adapter and it is actually 29.99.

      • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

        Okay, that sucks.  Early reports were 10, but I should have known it would be 30, Apple has always been that way with peripherals.  I'm sure there will be plenty of aftermarket ones that cost much less though.

      • Adams Immersive

        It has some other enhancements besides the appearance tweaks.

        I’m glad the dock connector changed: it has been 10 years! Good riddance—it was too big and non-reversible. I’ll make do with one adapter plus the cord included with the iPhone 5.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        still don't see why they just stop being a dick about it and just go usb like the rest of the world. An "older" 3.0 USB connect will do a hundred times better then this "new" tech.

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        Wait, so you are bored with small changes and you complain about the one big change. Not easy to satisfy are you? lol.

      • http://RolePlayFTW.com Huy Ngo

        Oopse you're talking about the lightning connector. I'm complaining about it because it doesn't offer us the consumer anything better than the previous connector. I didn't see any mention of it being faster or working more efficiently. If I did then my mistake. Otherwise it's not a change for the better. It's a change just for the sake of change.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        exactly, why make it better/more expensive on their part, when they can just make more money forcing everyone to get something as a lateral upgrade. Well maybe not even lateral, but a step back.

      • dancj

        Smaller is better. The old connector is a beast that needs to be put down.

        The immediate gain is that the headphone socket is now at the bottom of the phone.

      • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

        It's USB 3.0 spec'd, so, yeah, it is a lot faster if you have the hardware to match it.

      • http://twitter.com/TouchedWieners Tyler Piderit

        Man imagine if it was a mag charger! That would be way awesome.

      • dancj

        Yeah. I don't know why they didn't do that.

      • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

         You're only bored because you're an iPhone user. It's called being jaded. It's normal, proceed.

        As for the dock connector, it's not a big deal really. Do things wirelessly like all new tech products are designed to do now.

      • http://RolePlayFTW.com Huy Ngo

        Aye it is normal, and I love to throw my money at Apple under normal circumstances.  However, I'll hold out for the next best thing this time around. 

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        well still can't charge the thing.

  • drloony

    The 4s isnt even a year old yet, the turnaround on some of these devices is unbelievable

    • oooooomonkey

      Keeping up with the latest tech is a impossibly job IMO.

    • Michael Matzat

      I am considering getting the free iPhone 4 after this event made it free with contract. It´s still a good device and except for siri and some more power for gameing it dos not miss much.
      Were is the need to keep up?

    • Relytgninroht

      Well, if rumors are anything to go on, the iPhone 5 has been in development since before the 4 came out, and the 4S was put out because they weren't ready with the 5 at the time- which explains the fairly quick turnaround.

  • regkilla

    Is the processor dual core or quad core? What happened to my other posts?


    • regkilla

      it's quad core.

  • CaptYadierPR

    Pre-Order September 14 😀

  • http://twitter.com/TomateDiseno Tomate Diseño

    Six or seven years ago I bought a Gizmondo - best mobile device I ever owned but if the rumours are true and the touch has a GPS that's just been usurped 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MNECFELUJOJLCEHMMBL2WKK7M Trunks

    I'm getting so sick of this. I don't need a thinner iPod Touch, I need one with MORE MEMORY!!!!!!! Stop making it thinner and give me an iPod Touch with 128 or 180 GB of memory

    • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

      Time to learn how to stream your media, buddy. That's where it's all heading anyways.

      • Relytgninroht

        It only takes up bandwidth! It's not like it costs money or anything.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      the term "memory" usually refers to RAM. You are talking about storage space.

      Although, I hope the Ipod touch does have at least 512 as all the other A5 chips had more then a 256. Which would be a MASSIVE upgrade for the touch in the first place. They didn't mention anything about ram though did they?

  • The#1

    Wait did i just read that the 4s is 99$ now? And the iphone 5 is 109$ idk how thats possible. Somebody explain plz?

    • The#1

      I meant 199 on the 5.

    • Michael Matzat

      It´s possible because you pay of the devices via your cellphone contract. No way your getting away on that with 10$ per month, more like 30-50$ for two years. 

  • mcorleonep

    P~~~~~~~~~~!  My 4S is barely 11 months old.  Bring on the iPhone 6 or 5S whatever comes next year.  :-/

    • AbsolutePhenom

      Why would you ever buy a 4S? The upgrade compared to the 4 was so small. Thats why I waited. The iPhone 5 looks amazing, I'm so pumped for the bigger screen. Games are going to be so much better now!

      • Phoenix24

        'Cos we have 2 year contracts dude. Upgrade from 3GS to 4S was a big deal, plus it was available as 64GB version.
        I am happy to wait another year to buy the 5S or whatever and you can enjoy your iPhone 5.
        Hope it was worth the wait 😉

      • regkilla

        He meant people that went from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S.

      • mcorleonep

        I upgraded from a three year old 3G and it was definitely time so the 4S was definitely NOT a small upgrade from my point of view.  As far as games, on the big screen those are best on my iPad anyway. 😛

  • ImJPaul

    Unimpressed. My new iPad is still so much cooler then anything I see here. I'll take my quad core A5 with this giant clear screen over gaming on a dinky 4 inch with A6 any day.

    • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

      The difference is that it's a phone you carry with you all the time. You're comparing apples to oranges... Or tablets to phones.

      • volcanopele

        I don't know, I carry my iPad most everywhere, and when I don't, I'm typically not in a position to do much gaming. So I do most of my iOS gaming on my iPad, not my 4S.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        I don't see why people do. Unless you're a business man or on a business venture, people who carry ipads around are like people who carry bluetooths on thier ears.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OV2I75CBQT2ZQIGRGHD7AR6AP4 Mike

      This bit of information may astound you, but lots of people buy iphones to do stuff besides play games.

      • Faeryan

        O really? Well maybe I should then buy iPhone5 after all since many OTHER people find it good enough.

      • Faeryan

        Whoops.. Sorting the messages with Newest first made me think you replied to my post when in fact you didn't.
        Please disregard the previous.

    • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

      Make phone calls on that iPad, do ya?  After all, that's why they call it an iPHONE, not a DINKY iPAD.

  • Ap0calypse

    Getting the touch!
    Finally an upgrade... And with a correct photos...

  • Ap0calypse

    Getting the touch!
    Finally an upgrade with a corrct photos and i'll get to play TWEWY!!!!

    • wingz

      LoL thts the same reason why i want the new itouch to get twewy.

  • jeffyg3

    After reading more about the iPhone 5 and watching all the videos and news I can, I am so pumped! Pumped about getting the upcoming impressive Lumia 920 instead actually with their impressive new touch screen...not impressed with the iPhone 5 at all and it's really big disappointment to me. Would have been much better with a wider screen as well, but we're really still stuck in past with a puny screen.

    Sigh, never thought I'd switch out of the iPhone family, it's just no longer impressive with the other options available from other manufactures, plus Android and especially iOS is starting to feel like very archaic operating systems after trying out the newer Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 RT tablet demos. Apple needs to do something fresh, their formula is getting stale to be quit honest.

    • trazer

      I agree.  WP has my phone business now, but I still like my catalog of iOS apps and games so I'll look to see how much the eventual 7.x" iPad is and play on it.  Then again, the pricing of the touch is already at $299 so I don't see much hope of a $250 7" iPad.  Was hoping but perhaps too much to ask I guess.  Maybe $350?

    • zergslayer69

      I know I'm not apple's target market but with them constantly sticking with small screens and incremental spec bumps it'll take another 4 years before they have an iPhone with my ideal screen size. Therefore I will be picking up a galaxy note 2 and keeping the iPad for gaming purposes.

      • Tommet

        Same here. Keeping the iPad 2 for gaming, ditching my iPhone 4 for a galaxy note 2... What I expected, but kinda disappointing none the less. Hoping the iPad 4 proves to be a significant jump this spring...

      • karma32

        Not impressed with the tiny iphone either. I'll be switching too. Had an Android Asus tablet and I thought the OS was unintuitive, slow, and the my biggest complaint was that the Android apps for tablets are without a doubt crappy compared to iPad apps, not even a comparison and anyone who says otherwise obviously never had an iPad. So I'm iffy on getting the same experience on an Android phone even though my cousin said its not the same thing with the phone apps.

        I did check out my co-workers newer WP7 and I'm surprised they're not more popular. it feels very modern and makes iPhone/Android retro and old

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        eventually when the android store can keep up with apples itunes developer base, that will be the day I switch. Because solely on the itunes store. Otherwise android devices do have much more power then any iphone any day.

      • Faeryan

        Well said. Just now I'm teying to scour the web to see how well Android market compares to AppStore.
        Even though my iPhone4 is still well and good the iPhone5 release got me thinking about switching and now that I see 5 to me was just empty promises I still want to switch to something. Galaxy Note 2 seems really nice, but the market issue still remains.

      • ILSc0p3z7I

        Does not compare in games. Unless you like gameloft 😀

  • Klonis

    ipod touch 5 day one!

  • apuddingcut

    Wow I just got a iPod touch 4g!

    • agentblank


    • tim240

      Quick return it of you can!!!

    • vic_viper_001

      Oh no... you got iScrewed!

      • Benjamin Rodriguez


    • Shadowking2214

      Trade it in now!

  • apuddingcut

    🙁 no iPad mini 🙁

  • Relytgninroht

    Honestly, I found the most exciting part of the event to be them unveiling the new iPod touch- even though I'm not getting one (picking up an iPhone 5). The iPhone 5 is cool, but we knew pretty much knew everything about it before it launched. Was really hoping for some exciting new features to be showed off. Apple press events are just kind of boring now... Also, what happened to them 'doubling down on secrecy'? XD

    The only thing I hate about the new iPod touch- the white front on all the colored models. Would look way better in black IMO- really, why does the black one only have a black front?

  • Espekayen

    The battery is the most important thing. I hope it's up to the job of powering that A6 CPU and the larger screen for a decent amount of time. Battery technology seems to take a back seat these days.

  • Garbagemaster

    I always skip a generation, so this is a big deal for me. Went from original iPhone to a 3GS. Of course, 2 weeks later the 4 came out! I'll be going from a 3GS to a 5! Can't wait to get my hands on it 🙂

  • Loading3

    Ipod touch with bold colours hmmm... Seems familiar.. Oh wait nokia lumia!!! Dont want iphone 5 but what do want is ipod touch 5g

    • http://twitter.com/azflyboy69 Scott Soares

      You do know the Nano and shuffle have come in different colors for years, don't you?

  • araczynski

    Kind of disappointing to see them continuing to neuter the iPod with consistently inferior processors.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      hey at least they upgraded it from the embarassing last year's model. And it's not that bad though. The A5 is still pretty new in my book..

      Only thing I can see bad is the clearly overpriced starting point of the itouch.

  • korkidog

    Really glad to see an updated iPod Touch!! 1st day purchase for me!!

  • chapel07

    ok..the new ipod touch is "7x faster" than the ipt4..meaning it is also using A6 or A5 chip? is this quad core?

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      lol 1g ram on a itouch.

      but it's a dual core. A5. For the touch.

  • Jacob007

    $299 for one new Touch? I mean, yeah, its 32 gig, but if Apple isnt selling an 8 gig, I'm not picking one up.

    • Jacob007

      If anyone has any info for an 8 gig or if I'm mistaken, please send me a link! thanks!

      • Benjamin Rodriguez


  • vic_viper_001

    Hmmm... 7x the performance of a current iPod touch? Yessss, I do believe that will make a suitable replacement for my 2G ipod. That's probably like a 14x performance upgrade for me!

  • Faeryan

    And only now I see the infection Apple has inflicted on us.. The AppStore. If it weren't for the apps and games there I would've switched to other phones already (meaning like an hour ago when I read 5 was just a facelift model) and wouldn't look back.

    This was supposed to be Steve Jobs' legacy? The man is turning around in his grave when he sees that thing they released.

    Some study said 75% of iPhone users are wanting to switch to 5. I'm sure it will be far from it.

    Apple, I'm disappointed, I really am.
    Really hoping the app developers will be releasing stuff that runs on older phones as well and not forcing everyone to get 5 (or should I say 4 and a half).

    • AbsolutePhenom

      You do realize that Steve Jobs planned all products for like the next 5 years right? Stop bitching, if you don't like it don't buy it. That simple. Sick of Apple products? Then buy something else. No one is going to care.

      • Faeryan

        Oh wow.. Do you even realize this comment area is for opinions and bitching. I'm just sating mine like everyone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    If this thing still has 512MB RAM....

  • mindseyes

    Anybody disappointed that the iPhone 5 starts only in a 16gb wtf???? We need more space my iPad only has 16gb and same with my iPhone 4. We needed 128gb minimum !!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1289517564 Perry Kappetein

      Guess your not reading it right...
      Look at the Pic...   16, 32 and 64 Gb for the Iphone 5

  • Jean-Claude Cottier

    iPod 5: too pricy! That's a really bad mistake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/breezy.johnson.rocks Breezy Johnson

    That stinks. I just got an iPod Touch one month ago and now this new is 7x faster? Just not right. The salesman should have told me! I feel cheated!

    • Faeryan

      Must suck big time, but the salesmen knew nothing a month ago. Not many rumors circulated around iPod.

      • http://adrianw.myopenid.com/ AdrianW

        iPod's are updated EVERY September and have been for years.

      • http://www.facebook.com/breezy.johnson.rocks Breezy Johnson

         If I had been an IOS guy I would have known that. Feelin screwed doesn't help lean me more to being an IOS guy. I gotta say I LOVE my touch though 🙂

  • RhythmMan

    The only improvements I'm interested in are part of iOS6. If those features work on my iPhone 4S then I have no reason to upgrade. My new features will be free 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/azflyboy69 Scott Soares

    There's absolutely nothing in the iphone5 that makes me  want to go back. Galaxy S3 is still king of the hill.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

    I like my iPhone.  I see it's flaws (most deliberately there by Apple), but it's a kick-butt 'info' device, great for checking my email & surfing web & gaming & other things.  But iPhone has been weakened deliberately by Apple, preventing users from true app development/design ON the device, apps are sandboxed by iOS requiring strange work-arounds (audio copy/paste, Dropbox & iCloud, etc) which wouldn't be necessary if users had a simple way for file-system access.

    Originally I didn't want Apple, I wanted open-source.  So I tried Android... and was surprised at the shoddy quality of the device and the OS.  
    So I bit the bullet & got an iPhone, and despite all the negatives I mentioned, it blew away Android.  I hear things have improved, and would consider going to something else -- specifically BECAUSE of Apple.
    I don't like Appstore/iTunes design or 'lockdown' (nor do I wish to jailbreak my phone), but I tolerate them b/c the iPhone is elegant.

    I will likely buy an iPhone 5 (or 6) when my device breaks, runs too slow, is no longer supported by Apple for updates, or won't browse the web.  But until then, I am not super-eager to give Apple more money.  I can wait awhile.
    Apple COULD fix these flaws by letting skilled users access the file system.  I haven't heard any real explanations for why iPhone needs to block me from naming or re-ordering my photos, why I should not be able to move files around the device in different folders, why I can't transfer MP3's to/from the phone w/o installing iTunes on my PC, and so on.  
    The flaws I just listed are deliberate chokepoints by Apple to keep their control.  And it's annoying.

    To people who post "I'm getting this" -- you are not contributing anything to this conversation.  Tell your friends, tell your Mom.  I don't care.

    Yes, I'm sure you will be one of the SHEEP in the lines eager to give Apple more money.    And you will also be stunned to discover in 1-2 years you get outmoded on purpose.  

    You will be saying, "Apple, how could you do this to me?"  b/c you swallow the hype eagerly -- and then toss your kick-butt phone in a landfill in 2 years for yet another hyped upgrade with very minor improvements.

    • Faeryan

      True that! The three biggest things for me were among the ones you mentioned.
      iCloud upgrade and save solved one of them, or should I say eased a bit.
      Changing from my own music collection to using Spotify helped with the other iTunes issue.
      The third and the biggest one was jailbreaking the phone, while inconvenient, is really worth it. iFile to get the file browser and the stuff to customize the Springboard are golden.

      If Jobs were still alive I might fight and wait for iPhone6 to blow the bank but now I gotta say I'm not that impressed and am pretty close to switching to Samsung.

  • DCver3

    Wheeeew.... I was just about to throw down some heavy loot to update my midi adapters to coremidi versions. Might as well wait for the lightning versions now. This sort of works against that whole great for music production Apple has had with the iproducts. Guess I'll also have to wait for the iDJ Live Pro lightning edition now...that blows.

  • Nicholas Wald

    there is always something bad

  • worldcitizen1919

    Just no reason to upgrade from an iPhone 4. I don't like the longer display.
    I've been holding off getting a Galaxy S3 but now this iPhone 4s 2nd edition has made up my mind for me. I'm getting the Samsung. Apple's got real problems if their latest and greatest cant mix it with a phone that came out well before.

    Oh yes. You'll get the S3 features in the iPhone 6. Where is Apple innovation. Things like front facing camera are way, way behind competition.

  • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

    It's funny. I'm not particularly impresses with the 5 but since I don't have an iPhone I'll likely get this unless Verizon actually gets a Windows 8 Phone that impresses me.

  • Fawks

    Want that new iPod! Unfortunately lawn mowing doesn't bring up that much money. I feel like my iPod 4th gen has just about become as good as a first gen. The games they're about to bring to mobile are going to be undeniably amazing and maybe Nintendo fan boys will start to think;"Maybe it is about the graphics."

  • Shadowking2214

    The new iPod uses the A5X chip which is iPad 2's IE better gaming

  • xepiczx

    I want an iPhone 5

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YLTQXS3XAPA5NDGIQLF6ECXJNI Danny

    No 8GB or 16GB? Starting at $299? No Way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004046154605 Der Esteban Moiz

    There's a sim inserting that iPhone? how to buy? just email me at moses.esteban@myldsmail.net thanks