Casual disc launching game Ring Fling [99¢] has received some update love, incorporating what its creator believes will be a lot more strategy into the overall experience.

Starting now with the update, you can set the number of rings for each player. Designer Moo Yu thinks this will force you to use your brain a little bit more, as it robs your ability to fire willy-nilly praying for scores. On the other hand, you can now also jack up the number of rings for each player, which should lead to some ridiculous games.

Also, now you can finally set how many points you want to play to. Games can end faster or slower -- whatever you want. A couple of bug, crash, and wording fixes round out this update. Yu has a blog post on all of this, so give that a read if you want to know everything going on in version 1.1.

Combined, all these tweaks make a good game even, er, gooder. In celebration of the release of this update, Ring Fling is on sale, down from $1.99. Get on it!