Once upon a time, it was a rare and special thing when Firemint put a game on sale. That isn't the case anymore. The Aussie studio's new corporate overlords at EA often lump its properties into its own massive sales, which seems to be why we're seeing some dramatic price slashery this afternoon.

We're suckers for a sale, so we'll list what Firemint has just plopped into the bargain bin. The app descriptions for these games don't actually note when prices are going to shoot up again, so it seems smart to act on these sooner than later.

All of these games are highly recommended, so feel free to go nuts.

  • FakeName

    If anyone is interested, Flight Control Rocket is free for a limited time.

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  • stormchild

    Note that Flight Control "HD" is now a misnomer, since they never bothered updating it for the Retina iPad. Looks decidedly *SD*, and giant pixels are quite an eyesore once you've gotten used to a high res display.