Creator Fabrication Games' Project 83113 (or Project Belle, if you're a normal human adult who can read words) is now free for a "limited time." The sale is in celebration of its featured status on the App Store, so we assume it'll go back to its regular price of 99¢ whenever the iTunes promotion ends.

Belle is a fantastic run-and-gun platformer, by the way. In our 4.5 star review, we laud almost everything about it, including its pacing, controls, and fabulous style. In other words, you probably won't regret dedicating some disk space and giving it a spin at this price. On the other hand, we're guessing a few of you might feel a little ... burned by its sudden sale. Just think of it this way, folks: now, you've got more people to best at the game.

  • Anakin Bush

    It was a 4.5 star review...not 5 stars

  • David Massee

    I LOVE this game. I'm glad I got it for free, and I want to tell everyone I know about it. I hope the dev keeps up with stuff like this, or even makes it into a series 😀

  • Rirath

    Well, awesome.  Thanks for the head's up.  Not so awesome for the people who bought it a week and a half ago, I imagine.

    • swarmster

      I imagine the game is awesome regardless of when you bought it.

  • waynesworld

    Gr8 it goes free after I paid for it at the wkend..cheers apple & just my luck lol.

    • xXHardKoreXx

      Apple has nothing to do with the prices

  • Nicholas Pollender

    Even if 0.99$ is not much, I feel ripped. I despise companies that drop their price so soon after launch. What happened to rewarding early supporters? This is where part of the "I'll wait until it's free" crowd comes from.

    It's simple really: Reward early adopters and they'll remember you in a good way for a long time.

    • c21jack

      Same here. Wait at least a month or so :/

    • Rirath

      "Rewarding your supporters" is part of why I've come to enjoy Kickstarter so much.  There, I feel like my buck is appreciated. (and often times rewarded)

      Hard to find that, nowadays.

  • YurtTheSilent

    Got it for free, but I would have paid for this. Great game.

  • Tikicobra

    This is a lovely middle finger to early buyers like me.

  • Niclas Johansson

    Loving the game. The devs deserve my money as an early buyer, AND they deserve all the attention, word of mouth and post-promotion sales they can cram out of this opportunity. I seriously don't understand the reasoning of so called "fans" of the game who bitch about having paid a buck, assuming they "could have saved the money" if they waited instead - the high initial sales are what makes this price drop possible from a financial standpoint. Come on.

    • Rirath

      Well, if you'd truly like to understand the reasoning and not just using that as an expression - part of the rub is that we're dealing with a week and a half here.  It JUST came out.  That puts some people off.

      If you're just using it as an expression and don't care - carry on.

      • Niclas Johansson

        Still don't get where this entitlement mentality comes from. How should the devs reward me as an early buyer/fan supporter, other than by having already given me their quality product which I'm happy with, at a more than reasonable price? Others getting it for free doesn't take away from my experience.

        If it did, EVERY price drop in the app store would piss early buyers off. So, is the same reasoning valid in the case of, say, "Zombies, Run"? (Since I saw you mentioning Kickstarter up there) They've now had drops to 4 and 2 bucks, down from - I think - regular 6.99. Just asking.

        Why not look at it from the devs' perspective? They released the game, got some sales thanks to good reviews, made it to the limelight of the "featured" section in the app store - and decided to boost the inevitable download spike by going from a buck to free.

        Result: they have a bigger chance of reaching top position in many app store countries, which (in addition to gaining them exposure in itself) I'm sure they'll put right at the top of their app description, because that probably helps them sway more fickle app consumers to make an impulse buying decision (after they raise the price again. Who knows, maybe they'll even try with TWO bucks?). It's taking advantage of momentum, and to me it looks like smart marketing tactics.

  • Dogs in hats

    Just downloaded this one, nicely polished game with good controls and audio.

  • Hani Balbecey

    can anyone help the game is saying that the resources could not be found