Here's a neat one: Cego Aps' ambitious puzzle platform game, Voodoo Friends, is now free in celebration of the game's latest content update, which added 72 new levels and tossed the paywall that blocked some of the game's other levels.

Voodoo Friends is cool. It's a well executed Lost Vikings-style puzzle game that has you placing and otherwise maneuvering three voodoo dolls across some pretty sharply designed puzzles. Each doll has a unique ability. For example, Newton can crawl, while Ghost can fall tremendous distances. The entire game revolves around how you combine the trio or share power-ups between the three in order to retrieve keys and yarn balls.

Give it a spin, especially while it's free. We're digging it so far, and it appears as though our forum goers are, too. Sale lasts through the weekend.

  • Steven Lewis

    I hope you guys will be able to review this. It deserves the attention. As you say it is really cool with very clever puzzles and a ton of levels. I will be playing and enjoying this for a long while.

  • mr_pepper

    Fun game! There are so many puzzles! Funny how the fat guy is faster than the little one. Also, IAP is not required to complete the game. Don't be discouraged.

  • Magdalene Felix

    I can't even get it to start. It crashes like nothing on this earth.

  • jeffyg3

    Never heard of this game, but it's really good. This game definitely needs more attention.