Game Resort's Probe the Humans is looking like another sharp free-to-play game. Hitting tomorrow, it's an "endless abduction" adventure that has you flying around in a UFO on a quest to beam up as many coins and living things as possible, while avoiding tanks, the sharp edges of farm houses, and other various hazards. As you progress, you can earn or buy upgrades or power-ups or even new UFOs. Neat premise, right?

The barrier to entry is pretty low since it'll launch at $0 and all, so give it a look if you're still into endless games. Our gut says that you'll probably dig it -- it's as playful as an Adult Swim title, it looks fantastic, and it plays with 3D space well. We have a trailer just below that shows off the game in action. Check it:

  • phertiker

    Well THAT looks Pants on Head insane...