Rockstar Games doesn't do sales as often as most big publishers on the App Store, but when it does join the crowd, you see some deep discounts. Case in point: starting this afternoon Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' price has dropped by eight bucks, while the publisher's other iOS GTA title, Grand Theft Auto 3, has seen a reduction by three. Our resident Math Wizards estimate that you're saving at least eleven bucks if you grab both right now. And you should -- these games are pretty good.

Both Grand Theft Autos are on sale because of Memorial Day by the way, which means their sale prices will go poof after the long weekend. Act fast! We've included some handy links below to assist you with the purchasing process.

Grand Theft Auto III, $4.99 - [Review] - Grand Theft Auto 3 introduced the concept of a "living, breathing [and 3D] world" with plenty of people to run over and things to blow up or steal. Its mobile companion is a solid port that sees this vision through on phones and tablets.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, $4.99 - [Review] - Chinatown Wars was once a high-profile DS title that didn't see the kind of sales it needed, despite being an otherwise clever top-down take on the series. On phones, Chinatown feels intuitive and the scale of its content is insane.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD, $4.99 - [Review] - Chinatown feels better on iPad thanks to the larger screen real estate. If you had to pick one or the other, definitely get this version.

  • Danny Perski

    Still waiting for Vice City.

    Oh man, that will be a wonderful day...

  • Harrison

    I got San Andreas on my Mac for $7! GTA 3 is cool to see on the iPhone, but fighting the controls isn't worth it in my opinion.

  • Cat Astrophy

    These games are perfect examples of why games should never cost $13+ on the App Store. Full console games with hundreds of hours of content for only a few dollars (and now only 99c).

    • ManuD

      They wouldn't if we live in world without piracy.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Just 2 notes:
        I didn't buy b/c these super-ultra-violent games don't excite me.  I really enjoyed driving around the city & doing stuff, but when I first played GTA 3 and tried to talk to someone -- and discovered I couldn't -- but I could bludgeon them to death & kick their corpses to bloody chunks -- I decided that was enough unnec violence for me.

        As to quip about 'piracy':
        REAL piracy is where one person loses access to their item while another gains it, ie pirates who steal food, materials, products, etc.

        DIGITAL piracy can also be called copying, sharing, or duplication -- when one person makes a copy, not everyone loses.  The developers *MIGHT* lose a sale, but they may also have someone who would not purchase their product (for whatever reason -- financial or other) decide they like the product & possibly purchase a future product.  In other words, many companies spend millions in advertising and marketing to get people to purchase their products.  But if they would just let people use them for a reasonably low price -- there would be little or no copying.

    • Thaurin

      They're only $.99 because developers can set their own prices on the App Store and they are part of a promotion.

  • UmbraVir

    I remember when Rockstar was so adamant about their high app prices. Did they finally learn that the profitability rises with a lower price and a larger customer base or coincidence? (emphasis on china town wars, which still doesn't have retina ._.)

    • JBRUU

      A4 can't run retina on that game. Stop complaining.

  • animagnum

    Looks like their sale ended prematurely

  • Onikage725

    Yea supposedly through today, and app listed as such, but price is back to ten for CW. Ah well...I have HD already, would have impulse bought the iPhone version for a buck.

  • macadvocate

    Bought last night when the button said 99 cents, received an iTunes receipt today charging me $9.99 for Chinatown Wars HD. A first with iTunes for me, but discouraging.

    • Laszlo Tuss

      Then, you should contact with the Apple support


    Okay, it's monday memorial day......the actual calendar holiday of the weekend, and the promotion has ended? WTF?

  • r4 cards

    This happen with most of the games and these games are the perfect example why people feel hesitation in spending more money on games. Developers set their own prices on the App Store which is the part of a promotion.

  • Onikage725

    This was the worst memorial day for sales. Seriously, I had a slow work day, and perished for sales ON the actual holiday, and they were mostly back to full price.