The folks at Halfbrick had been teasing their much ballyhooed Gadget update for Jetpack Joyride [Free]for the past couple of months, and just last week it finally landed in the App Store. And it was awesome. However, Halfbrick must have still had some gas left in the tank after that massive update because over the weekend they released yet another update for Jetpack Joyride, this time adding support for the Retina Display of the new iPad. Check out some screens from the newest build (click to enlarge):

In addition to the graphics upgrade on the new iPad, the visuals have also been improved for the previous generation iPads as well as the iPhone 4. Loading times have also been improved across the board as well as a whole bunch of minor tweaks and fixes. I was really impressed with the Gadget update that hit for Jetpack Joyride last week, and with this latest Retina Display update the entire package has really been fully fleshed out.

  • sdf

    I have to say, I'm starting to tire of seeing stories about "Jetpack Joyride".

    • mclifford82

      And why would that be?  If you feel the need to say something like that, at least "feel the need" to explain why so it can potentially be addressed.

      The fact is that this game has received two huge updates in a short span of time.  The second update (retina support), no one even knew was coming until it was released.  I fail to see how any of this upsets you in any way, shape, or form.

      • sdf

        I feel that TouchArcade is somewhat too willing to hand out a "bump" to already well-promoted games that just added something via an update. Sure, retina support plus a couple other enhancements & tweaks, that's nice, but this is, by my count, the SIXTEENTH post that was exclusively about JetPack Joyride. Do a search for "Joyride" if you want to confirm that number. And after all, as poster David points out below, is not this game one of the dreaded class of "freemium" games? In my opinion Halfbrick is using updates to the game as a way to continually keep Jetpack Joyride in the limelight. I'd like to hear more about OTHER games, and less about games I have already been FULLY introduced to.

      • Jared Nelson

        I guess the mistake you're making is assuming we post about games to "bump" their popularity somehow. We post about games we like and JJ is one of my favorites. The fact that it got an unannounced retina update not even a week after its most major update ever seemed pretty newsworthy to me. You of course can feel free just to scroll past the things that don't interest you.

      • sdf

        Ok, fair enough. You do have enough posts which interest me, that I'll just let the others pass by quietly. Thanks for making such a nice website, Jared!

  • David

    Oh man, once this was a GREAT game but this whole stupid Freemium Crap is killing the mobile gaming-world. I physically hate it when you are "forced" to spend your money to reach the good stuff. (oh yeah one can get all the stuff without iAP, but... I have a life beside JPR)

    • Adams Immersive

      How did it used to be better than now? (Serious question: I didn’t play it when it was new.) I’ve never felt less forced to pay than with Jetpack Joyride. I forgot it even has IAP! Unlocking all the coolest goodies for free is not that hard—only as hard as a challenging game ought to be.

    • Laszlo Tuss

      This is not fermium crap you retarded, this game NEVER forces you to buy anything, and they are all easily achievable.

      Otherwise i know what you WANTED to talk about, but this is not an EA/GameLoft/Glue products, so save your comment for the greed publishers who FORCES you to buy ingameSh!t!

      This game just gives everything, all Freemium should be like this one.

    • Leslie Kwan

      How dare you call this freemium crap.  This game hasn't changed at all once it went free, so how can you say that this WAS a great game when nothing has even changed except for the fact that they were generous enough to make it free?  This game is completely playable without paying a dime.  It doesn't take long at all to get all the goodies.  It's not like other games where it's nearly impossible to get certain things unless you actually paid hard, cold, cash.  If any game does in-app purchases right, it's this game.  The grind isn't long at all.  I wouldn't even call it a grind.  Just play the game casually like anyone else, and one by one you'll be unlocking everything.

  • BigBadDog DogNation

    Sick and tired of you guys keep reporting updates for Halfbrick and some other big studios. There are tons of better games out there. Go dig and report them please.

    • Adams Immersive

      I love Jetpack Joyride, but since existing owners get notified of new features by the App Store anyway, I kind of agree with you. I love when TA digs up a new, little-known gem for me 🙂

    • Eli Hodapp

      Why do you guys think this is a one or the other kind of thing? How long do you honestly think it takes to write a two paragraph post about a game update?

      Spoilers: It probably took more time to upload and embed the screenshots.

    • Jared Nelson

      Again, feel free to scroll past the stories that don't interest you. The internet really isn't that hard to operate.

  • Brad Brasfield

    David, your argument doesn't seem to make any sense.  The really horrible freemium games are the ones that are free but lock half the game behind IAP, or are playable as-is but grant game-breaking abilities to those willing to pay.  Jetpack Joyride does neither of these.

    You aren't *forced* to spend money to enjoy the game.  Personally, I feel that all the unlocks give the game legs; there's always something to save up for and buy, that serves as incentive to keep coming back for more.  And unlike games such as Aero Vacation, the items aren't priced so ridiculously high that you're actually forced to go the IAP route.

    The various updates have only added to the game, not crippled or taken anything away.  Maybe you just aren't a fan of the game?

    • swarmster

      Yeah, after reading that comment, I actually had to boot up the game and see if there really was IAP since I had no idea what he was talking about. If I had ever known there was, I guess I had forgotten. Not sure why anyone would buy it?

      Anyway, I paid $0.99 when it first came out (the game wasn't free then), and still come back to it now and again (especially after the recent updates). I only wish it had iCloud support so I wouldn't have had to start all over on my new iPad (I just downloaded it again now that it has retina support).

      • Laszlo Tuss

        It have OpenFeint SaveGame safe, its like iCloud but it support the oldest devices also.
        Just logon with your "old" device to OpenFeint in JetPackJoyride ( go to options and you need to add an e-mail and password, so you can transfer your profile ) then log on with the same OpenFeint account on the New devices JetpackJoyride and Ta-dam! The game makes you a question to download the save game what it stores in its cloud safe.

    • otyugh

      Ditto to everything Brad and swarmster said. I've played this game since day zero, and you don't need IAP to complete it or get the achievements.

      In this day and age of 'updates' that actually ruin the game, it's nice to see TouchArcade's perspective before downloading an update. That's a useful feature of these kinds of posts, and beats having to sort through the mess that is App Store reviews.

  • MadMilkMan

    I think the freemium works pretty good for this game, and I hate most of the freemium games.. It took only a little grinding, but once you unlock the gadgets that pull coins to you, and the gadget that turns a few coins to gems, getting coin is pretty easy..

  • Headcase Games

    I haven't played it since shortly following the time it went free - it was fun for a short burst but I got really tired of it after a couple of days. I understand that the platform is ideal for these limited-mechanic, gimmicky games, but it does become tiresome to hear news about "new toy! etc" after so many months. Halfbrick is a talented developer and deserves recognition, I'd just like to see something deeper (or at least, newer) out of them. This doesn't mean they don't deserve praise for releasing updates to keep their older games fresh, either - but as front page news goes, it hardly seems worthwhile (or even slightly interesting) at this point.

  • Dion Booth

    This game is fresher than fabreeze.

  • Inaba-kun

    Calling these 'retina' graphics seems rather absurd. They're upscaled with some sort of hideous filter applied to the sprites.

    • Jared Nelson

      Well good thing I don't refer to them as retina graphics then. It's support for the new retina display, they tweaked things for that screen and it looks about a million times better than it did before. I'm not expecting them to redraw the entire game or anything.