Man. Hatchi [Free] has come a long way since we've last visited it. One update ago, creator Portable Pixels made good on its promise of future iPad support by adding... iPad support. Also, it tossed in four new mini-games, a coin exchange mechanic that lets you use in-game coins to power up things like energy bars, new iPad retina support, and an evolution tree that displays what paths your pocket monsters have taken. That's a lot of stuff for an app that already felt good without these additions and notable changes for those of you out there who may have fallen out of the loop like we have.

We're bringing all of this up, by the way, because for the next 24 hours Hatchi is free of charge. We're talking a zero dollar exchange for easily one of the best pocket monster growing game things currently on the market. Do yourself a favor and check this app out, but do note that we're not responsible for any future digital pet deaths. You knew you should have fed the little guy.

  • Rirath

    As is so often the case on iOS, it pays to put even $.99 apps / games on AppShopper's wishlist if you don't intend to play it right away.  I've gotten quite a few freebies that way.

  • Noah

    I played through it 3 times. Got the same exact monster all 3 times. I deleted the app.

  • Daniela Rojas Mantilla

    When it comes free again?