Three upcoming games recently popped up on our radar, and while we don't really have enough details on any of them yet, smashing all three games together sort of makes a story, so strap in for this.

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel - When it comes to Korean action RPGs, the App Store seems to have two main staples, Gamevil's Zenonia, and Com2uS's Inotia. Zenonia is up to four different games on the App Store, and this upcoming title will be the fourth installment in the Inotia family. The "party battle system" in Inotia 4 sounds pretty cool, and like previous entries in the series I'm sure we'll see all sorts of incremental improvements that these yearly sequels always seem to have.

Alexandria Bloodshow - A strategic card-centric battle game from Sega. Gamezebo got a preview of it, and used games like Plants vs Zombies to describe how gameplay works. I'm not too familiar with the original Samurai Bloodshow, but I'm all about any strategic game with online multiplayer.

N.O.V.A. 3 - Gameloft is teasing quite a bit of their upcoming Halo-like first person shooter these days. We expect it to be pretty similar to the previous two installments in that it'll likely come packed with an awesome online multiplayer component to compliment the single player campaign. If that is actual in-game footage we're looking at in the above video, it should be pretty rad.

We'll have more details on these games as soon as we get them. Unfortunately, the best we've got right now is they're all coming to iOS devices, and they're all coming "soon."

  • Mark

    Well it does say "Actual ingame footage" at the beginning in the bottom right corner of the NOVA 3 trailer...

  • TouchGamePlay

    I already said it on Twitter and I said it on the Forum too but I can`t say it enough Times:

    After watching the N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance Trailer I got an N.O.V.A.G.A.S.M!

  • Tim House

    NOVA 3 at long last!  Here's hoping the singleplayer and multiplayer are just as awesome as NOVA 2!

    • xxdarkangel12

       novas 3 single player and multi player are going to be better than nova 2s and is supposed to be created by the same gaming console as crysis and crysis 2 for xbox

  • DotComCTO

    Here's hoping that Gameloft don't decide that NOVA 3 would be a great place to add the "free to play" mechanic.  :-/

    • TouchGamePlay

      I`m pretty sure they won`t do it.


      I`m also really looking forward to see finally more Material of Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel coming up the next few Days since I indeed hope that Com2us did put enough Content into the Game to make it worth a fresh Restart.

      I really can`t believe that SEGA is still milking the Bloodshow Cow even more this Year.

    • Martin von Randow

      That was the first thing to cross my mind as well. Ruining franchises with that model seems to be FotM, especially for Gameloft. And now it is leaking into the PC arena with Age of Empires Online going proper freemium, ugh.

  • Geoff Osterberg

    I've been milling around for a new RPG to play, so Inotia 4 has my interest.  I redownloaded Aralon, but that style just isn't the flavor I'm looking for this month I guess.

  • DwayneW

    Nova 3 looks Crysis 3 inspired this time, which is great because I'm excited about that and Nova 2 was great. Also, Oh Gameloft, you're so full of sh*t, those are not in-game graphics, but I love you anyway and I say, "bring it on!" Good times. 😛 Oh my gosh, it is Christmas in here.

  • Adams Immersive

    I gotta get back and beat that NOVA 1 boss! I’ve been holding off on trying NOVA 2 (which I own) just because I want to “finish” NOVA 1 first, and that boss was slaughtering me. I get what I have to do, though, I just need the patience.

    NOVA 1 was “just OK” but enough fun to be worth my time. NOVA 2 (and 3?) sounds better.

  • Fabiano Morais

    As for the Inotia 4 trailer, it would be nice to have less fire and explosions and more actual gameplay footage :rolleyes: