Originally released over a decade ago, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes was a hell of a fighting game in its day. The iOS version features all 28 characters from the Marvel side of the fence and 28 characters from the Capcom dojos. As far as we can tell, this is a very complete port of the game, although it all obviously comes down to how well it controls.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 should be available next week at 11:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday night with all the rest of the new game releases. …And I can't wait to beat up Mega Man with Wolverine.

  • http://twitter.com/Brendan_Charles Brendan Charles

    One of my favorite games of all time. Love that this is coming to ios!! Holy crap!

  • app symmetry

    Holy Crap is right... definitely an AWESOME surprise! Can't wait to get this on my iDevice! =oD

  • davidcxr

    I am ready to take my iPhone for a ride

  • B30 B30

    I'll never get tired of this one, played it on the dreamcast years ago, then on the PS3 and now on the iPad/iPhone (if the controls are all right). I'm really looking forward to this one!

  • http://twitter.com/Metsu_Nero Nero

    My body is ready.

  • zergslayer69

    Knowing capcom, this is going to be iPhone only and not universal or iPad option.

  • http://www.dbf-music.com BVaz

    Definitely a classic and great to have it portable on the phone.  I will be curious to see controls and also what the price is when it hits, but this is a nice surprise.

  • http://twitter.com/dark1x John

    You cover broken shoddy ports like this while ignoring games with actual potential?  Wonderful...

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OJSEASXHUB7FACV6VQPNJCELE Deric

    ummm....WHAT?! This game is one of the last games I would have thought to be ported to iOS lol I still have my original ps2 copy but I would definitely get this for the road. 

  • Adams Immersive

    Good timing for an Avengers pseudo-tie in!

  • Duane Locsin

    I have a feeling it will not be universal.
    Like they did with Street fighter 4.

    I don't know why Capcom does this.

    Still I will get this, I've gotten good at the touch controls for Street fighter 4 now and I hope they make then, even more workable for this version.

  • Duane Locsin

    Also I have to admit this just came out of left field for me.

    Pleasant surprise!

  • http://twitter.com/blackryn0 blackryn0

    tu che namco lol Do hear tekken now?

  • Ryan Anderson

    Any idea on the price? I really hope it's universal the iPhone is too small for games like this.

    • http://twitter.com/touchgameplay TouchGamePlay

      10 $ if I`m not totally wrong.

  • zergslayer69

    Not only do I suspect not universal, based on the screenshots, it's not even retina, meaning it's a blurry mess. Take a look at the 3d background and it should be pretty obvious.

  • http://twitter.com/ktern Brady

    Begs for iCade, probably won't ever get it. Ah well. Might pick this up anyway.

    • http://twitter.com/Rirath Rirath

      If you're jailbroken, there's Blutrol.  Used it for Sonic CD on the iPad and it worked great.  Not the best experience on the iPhone, but workable.

  • swarmster

    Maybe my second favourite fighting game ever, but I'm not sure it's worth it to me with Capcom's controls. Would rather just boot up the old Dreamcast (or I guess XBLA because I'm lazy). iCade support would sell me, though.

    Still, always great to see people paying attention to great games.

    • http://twitter.com/Rirath Rirath

      Since it worked very well for SF4, I'm assuming (hoping) Blutrol will be a very viable option for jailbroken iPhones / iPads.

  • himanshu modi

    If the screenshots are from iPhone version, it's unacceptably blurry. Even if not retina, the game should have looked better than this. And I pray for an ipad version.

  • mclifford82

    Twitch gaming at its finest, on the worst platform for such.

    • http://www.facebook.com/edmkec Edmond Koh

      People complain at almost everything. There is a game for you to play, so enjoy it. You can opt not to get it if you think that it's not a good platform. Otherwise, unnecessary remarks like yours won't get anywhere. I'll definitely be getting it.

      • davidonabus

         I think his comment was right on the money, actually.

  • Out5poken

    multiplayer and universal please!.....

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WCR3P53ZUHYRHIPYJG4WMAU4GE John Johns

    Please tell me it will have iCADE support? pls?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X4CHZ5AAQNERB42YPFVXQRCI44 Howard

    If I ever saw an instant buy, that would be it...

  • jivemaster

    Oh my farking god - this is MASSIVE. Such a low key news story for something that is too awesome to imagine.

  • RoderickThe13

    OMG! This is too good to be true.

  • glenn torres

    WTF?, can it run smooth on a4 devices, specially i just have an ipod touch 4g, cuz the map/background of mvc2 has a good 3d

    if it will work on a4 devices with 30 fps, this would be great!!, i hope its not expensive xD

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

      I wouldn't be surprised if they disabled the animations of the 3D backgrounds since they aren't all that important and the iDevices could probably use the performance boost.

  • Rick Caceres

    2nd most overrated game of all time, 1st being FF VII

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

      It's not overrated if you're tournament level good. In Marvel you have to use all the exploits and broken mechanics to win but they all require a high level of execution.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    My guess is that they will try something similar to the Vita controls for UMvC3

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    Nice, i can't wait.

    But Capcom forget to add iCloud support through the SF IV and SF Volt.
    Also i don't really understand why it isn't universal, its not a big deal.
    Okay, its playable on the iPad, but it could be better.