Sega's Phantasy Star Online 2 won't cost you a dollar -- unless you'd like an item or two. Sega has announced that the upcoming sequel to the everyone's favorite "light" MMO, Phantasy Star Online, will roll with the standard MMO free-to-play model, and charge users for select item transactions from its in-game store. Also, an iOS and Android version has been confirmed. Both are slated to hit at some point in "winter 2012," according to Andriasang.

Keep your expectations in check, though: Sega has said that the phone versions of the game are simpler and will feature "social game elements," on top of a basic character creation mechanism, and controls. These versions will be able to loosely communicate with the PC and Vita versions of the game, but the experiences won't had across these platforms won't be measuring up to each other.

Images via Andriasang.

The available intel on PSO2 still isn't fantastic, as it seems like Sega is keeping its marketing efforts for the game contained to other regions. However, we do know that PSO2 will continue to offer the franchises' specific blend of shooter-meets-brawler combat and offer instanced-based content. Oh, and Mags are totally coming back!

Footage of the Vita version.


[via Andriasang]

  • Mike

    Nah, screw that limited phone version bull. I'll stick to the full PC version then, don't waste my time. Gimme the loot!

  • Matt Boblett

    They still owe me for killing off Nei in PS2. Man, this series never got the respect it deserved in the US. PSO was incredibly addicting on the Dreamcast and Xbox.

    • Peter Nash

      Tell sega to port over the ps2 version where she can be revive and has a spot in the ending credits. I also know that they added elemental damage. It was part of the sega ages collection and you can find videos on YouTube of this game's existence.

  • Stro

    Phantasy Star Online for iOS? My prayers have been answered!!! (^_^)v

    • Jamie H.

      Except it's single player on mobiles 🙁

  • Benjamin Asbeck

    Last I read, it wasn't slated to come to the US.  Did that change?  (I really hope so!)

  • LonerATO

    I wish they would bring PSIII and IV to iOS.

  • justin gabriel

    This really is a dream come true.. Seriously. I loved all the dreamcast versions! Let's hope its not a horrible stripped down version!!!! Yeah I'm gonna love PSO on iOS lol

  • Adam Spearey

    The PSP versions is really where its at.. They were way more packed with content than any others, I recommend checking those out before getting your hopes up on these, Phantasy Star Portable is available on the PSN 🙂

  • Urgou

    I can't wait for this to release.

  • seanec89

    I'm still confused if its going to be open world like order and chaos or just another water down MMO like most the ios games.

  • xstandx

    Is there a release date for state side yet?