This is huge: Beamdog has revealed plans to bring Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition to iPad this summer. Enhanced Edition is a revitalization of the long lauded BioWare RPG. Expect new code, new content, and new, and presumably more modern, assets when it hits both PC and now iPad in the coming months. Talk about a surprise, right?

IGN Wireless has the first hands-on with a build, which apparently is fairly complete. Highlights from that write-up include points about a friendlier camera specifically for iPad, and its lack of technical oddities. Check it out.

[via Shacknews]

  • CHannum

    Boo, go for the eyes!

    Man, done right, this would put every RPG on iOS so far to shame.

  • Jensen_G

    yes! Crossing fingers about the quality of the port, Baldur's Gate deserves the best.

  • Joe Naberhaus

    WOW!!  WOW!!  We need the Ultima Series, BGII, Icewind Dale, and IWDII enhanced and ported!!!

  • Arakiel
  • Ty Bader

    I think I'm coughing up blood...

  • JCat_NY

    Totally, 100% thrilled! This is the type of high profile game I always imagined the iPad would be getting. BG will feel quite at home with touch control. I believe we're going to be seeing a lot of big name titles landing on iPad this year. Plus IB: Dungeons... gonna be a hot summer! 

  • UnSurreal

    (gets excited)

  • Stro

    Baldur's Gate for iPad??? O_O *Mouth Drops*

  • Sean Yuan

    Holy shit.


    • geoelectric

      Exactly my thought. I'm going to hit the buy button so hard that I'll be paying $50 to Apple for the damage replacement afterwards.

  • Ruben Geiger

    I waited so long for this day to happen. Playing on the ipad 3 is a delight and BG is just made for a touchscreen. I really really hope its a good port for a fair price and that BG2 is coming too (an even better game IMO). 

  • NPeart

    Now were talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • himanshu modi

    This one's going to take up 10 GB or something on the iPad. I will still make space for it of course.

    I will also hit people who say they will wait for 99 cent sale for this BG.

    • jonathanjk


    • Chris Matchett

      The original came on 4 CDs (1 of those being an installation disc) so doubt it'll be anywhere near 10Gb.

  • John Francis

    This is probably the beginning of an entire market of old PC ports that have timeless gameplay and story. It'll be exciting to see what comes next.

  • famousringo

    I doubt it. This has clearly been in development for quite some time, and Apple doesn't make a habit of giving out pre-release dev hardware.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it didn't run on 1st gen iPad, though.

    • David Markowitz

      Oh man, I really hope it's not limited to just ipad3.  From what I read on the site, it seems the engine was actually being revamped for PC/Mac - seems like the ipad version was a second priority, so they could have ported it more recently.  I could be wrong though.

  • Jay

    Oh wow.  I wonder how much it'll cost.

    • jonathanjk

      Who cares? It's Baldur's Gate, I just lamented how I couldn't play this on my Mac at the time I switched on my podcast, this will make great follow up discussion.

      • Jay

        I care - I thought that was abundantly obvious, seeing how I asked and all.

      • jonathanjk

        I thought you were being rhetorical. So no, it wasn't obvious. 

        But let me restate my question. Why do you care? It's Baldur's Gate!

      • Jay

        Oh, I see. Well, I noticed that Square just came out with a game that's some $18 - I'm looking for trends. With programs becoming "Retina" compatible, that means more resources and that means more cost.

        If it's like $5 or $10 that's no problem, but for close to $20 I'd rather just buy a full-fledged PC game off the discount shelf.

      • JCat_NY

        I have a more than capable PC, but if this game came out at $20.00 on both formats, I would so be grabbing the iPad version. I prefer touch control with this style of game, and have a preference for my reclining chair over a kitchen table or desk. If paying $15-$20 for an ipad game which boasts a  computer/console-like experience, I have no objections on that price, whatsoever. 

      • Jay

        Yeah, if the touch controls are well-done I could see that being an adequate selling-point. I'm partial to a high-resolution mouse where I can select elements from one side of the screen to the other with a small flick of the wrist, rather than having to move my entire arm (BG was designed for a mouse + keyboard). And then if you wanted to use both arms then you'll need a stand for the iPad, or balance it uncomfortably on your lap or a table surface. No - I'd sooner buy the PC version, assuming both content and costs are equal.

        I feel kinda silly even having to justify a PC over an iPad - they're so dissimilar, with the PC being superior in almost every way. Like comparing the virtues of a sword to that of a gun - sure, they're both more or less useful in different situations, but when it comes down to it they're both designed to do essentially the same thing, and a gun does that better almost every time.

      • JCat_NY

        And then you see that "new" iPad retina screen, and the decision is made in flash! lol - but in all serious, I totally understand your view. 

      • jonathanjk

        I'd buy the iPad version at $20 easily.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Baldur's Gate. ... i always missed that game, now i will buy it and play the whole game

  • MrSpud

    Oh sure, now that I just jailbroke my iPad and installed GemRB! I'm sure it will look better and will be less buggy, maybe I'll switch to Icewind Dale in the meantime. Considering how well BG1 plays on GemRB it should be a no brainer.

  • Erik Wilgenhof

    Instabuy, especially with new iPad graphics.

  • Mike Crumpley

    Brilliant news. A Bioware RPG on iOS, I really hope they won't stop there. KOTOR 1 on iPad, please. Dear god please!! 

  • jonathanjk

    I will want this game, it's sequel which though I finished, didn't accomplish everything and the holy grail for me, K240.

    Just one of these will do for the moment!  

  • David Markowitz

    YES YES YES!!!!  I've been wanting this for a couple years now - I even posted on bioware's site proposing the idea.  This is my favorite RPG, if not game, of all time!  I am PSYCHED!!

  • Vladimir Kotelnikov

    Ok so just so you know guys if you Jailbrake your ipad or iphone you can already play Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment, BG 2, Icewind Dale and all other games made on 
    Bioware's Infinity Engine. The all plays well already 😉

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    Best News for 2012 atm. Can't wait for this amazing classic.
    Hope there is more to come, like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore or Black Crypt. 🙂

  • Maria Einbinder

    Great news! I have heard that Tutu mod enhancements will be incorporated - I hope that means that we'll be able to play BG1 with class kits. Can't wait to tackle this baby with a Sorcerer! Also, I didn't play the TOSC expansion, so there will be plenty of fresh original content for me.

    Hopefully Planescape Torment, Icewind Dales and the first 2 Fallouts will follow. Oh, and Temple of Elemental Evil, perhaps? One can dream...

    Anyway, these kinds of games fit iPad to a t, really. 

  • Jon Smith

    This is the first time I regret buying a Xoom instead of an iPad, maybe if I'm lucky they will make an Iphone version or unlikely an android version.

  • tone7888

    Hope this is done right!

  • GamerGuy

    Lookin forward to this.  I even played a Baldur's Gate on the Gameboy Advance, and it was awesome!