When you talk to Simogo, you get the sense that it burns through prototypes just as fast as we churn through toilet paper. In our big article highlighting what the studio does, we talked about a few of its prototypes that weren't turned int actual games. Over on the studio's blog, it's highlighting another one: 16 Games.

Simogo's Simon Flesser describes it as a "neat little two button punk thing" that offered a variety of simultaneously playable mini-games. It had a punk look and a chip-tunes soundtrack that went alongside its insane play style.

Below is one of three promotional images Simogo has unveiled. It should give you a sense of what it was shooting for:

Interestingly, the failure to get 16 Games out of the door made Simogo switch its focus to Beat Sneak Bandit [$2.99]. Good call, right?

Check out the rest of Simogo's post for some links to its music and a look at its other promotional document.

  • http://twitter.com/peteisfat PETE

    Looks a lot like the indie game 'Man Enough', a score-based game where you have to play 4 games at once.

  • knoids

    How fast do you churn through toilet paper, Brad?