Pixile Studios is a new two-man development team working on their first iOS title called Pixel Wars. The gist behind Pixel Wars is that it offers a competitive tower defense game for two players on one iPad. Each player gets one side of the screen and can place various towers to defend against the other team's forces breaking through your gate. While you're setting up your defenses, you're also choosing offensive units to send over to your opponent's side, trying to break through their array of towers and into their gate.

Each player has 20 hearts as their life supply, and each creep who makes it through your gate will take off a single heart. The first one to lose all of their hearts loses the game. It's a really simple concept actually, and I'm surprised nobody has thought to do it on the iPad before. I'm a big fan of same-device multiplayer on the iPad, and Pixel Wars is a fun and strategic way to compete against a friend face-to-face.

There are 3 different teams in Pixel Wars – a technology team, a nature team, and a mutant team – and each will have their own array of defensive tower choices and offensive units. There will be 3 maps to play at launch, with more planned for updates down the line. There's also the possibility of more teams, tower types, and units that could materialize post-launch to further flesh out the experience.

Just because Pixel Wars is a same-device multiplayer game doesn't mean you can't play alone, though. There will be a single player campaign where you face off against an AI opponent, and there will also be a challenge mode that tasks you with winning against the AI under special circumstances. Pixel Wars was a ton of fun while I had a chance to play it, and it's a clever take on tower defense with a competitive edge. Pricing is still up in the air, but if all goes according to plan Pixel Wars should be hitting the App Store sometime next month.

  • GertjeD

    At last, 2 player Tower Defense with offensive units!

    Next phase in multiplayer Tower Defence? Capturing resource areas.

    You read it here first

    • Dracil

       RTS called and wants its genre back.

      • GertjeD

        @Dracil:disqus  You could indeed call this RTS, but still without the ability to give commands to specific units.
        I've always seen Tower Defense a bit like a subgenre of RTS games, especially well suited for flash and mobile gaming

        That's why I've always wondered why it took so long for Tower Defense to:
        - become multiplayer
        - enable players to attack eachother
        - enable players to compete for resources
        + enable players to compete for territory, like you can in Civilization, some Age Of Empires (or was it Rise Of Nations) versions, and when playing the Zerg in Starcraft.

        + maybe enable players to tell their unit building structures where their units should go when completed (but I'm not sure this would make the game nicer than some good AI)

        I think it's amazing how far RTS/Tower Defense games could come on small touch screens, if you automate the micro management and try to steal as much from RTS gaming as you can.

        I was supposing that Blizzard has been secretly experimenting with a Starcraft version like this for iOS and Android for ages, but as we're seeing nothing from them it looks like they've been stuck in the nineties.

    • http://twitter.com/michael_one Michael Silverwood

      @GertjeD: Happy you're looking forward to the game! We've thought a lot about how resources/income will work, so hopefully you'll like it!

      But actually having harvesters like in C&C or Starcraft is an interesting idea for tower defense 😉 we'll keep it in mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Drexiel Drexiel Tempest

    That type of multiplayer on a Tower Defence has been done b4.... just haven't seen it on iOS... go play Comet Crash on ps3 and see what i mean... or Locke's Quest on DS

    also tower defense is just the defense building phase of an RTS so almost everything has been done b4

    this isn't to say I'm not looking forward to this game or that i'm dissing on the devs, just that the article says "It's a really simple concept actually, and I'm surprised nobody has thought to do it before:....

    I look forward to this game.... i love tower defense titles 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Well, by that I meant that I'm surprised nobody's done it on iPad before, not that nobody's done it before period 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Actually I changed the wording a bit to be more clear. Thanks 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.l.tiderman Daniel Dala Tiderman

    Looks nice, but what about Tower Madness for the iPad? It has a pretty much identical concept in their Multiplayer Mode and has been out for ages. This games presentation is more suited to my taste however, so looking forward to release 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/michael_one Michael Silverwood

      Glad you like the presentation! Working hard on it :).

      Tower Madness is cool, but in its multiplayer you just play regular tower defense at the same time as the second player (mostly separate from what the other player is doing). In Pixel Wars you actually send the enemies at each other, so you have to balance between both defending your side with towers, and pressuring the other player by sending enemies strategically. That's what makes it pretty unique and fun on the iPad :). Hope you'll enjoy it when we launch!

  • Andrew Sipergrager

    When will it come out??? It seems really awesome!!!