Yesterday afternoon, we were introduced to Graveck's Jump Dewds. In brief, it's a side-scrolling jumping game where you collect coins infinitely while attempting to avoid the world's most dangerous pitfall – lava. Your character, one of the many titular dudes, have various jumping abilities. All of which have been specifically tailored to conform to different styles of play and the particular traits of each character. Dewd Vicious, for example, carries a guitar and floats in the air by the virtue of his guitar solos.

The thing that specifically caught our eye are its terrain effects. Each level is as endless as the next, and as you play, the borders between you and the lava evolves. You can build temporary bridges with power-ups for example or catch land as it falls alongside coins.

Jump Dewds is due at some point in April. It's set to be a Universal app.

  • Sam Nelson

    One thing to mention is that this is the same developer that brought us the official Skee-Ball game a few years back with Freeverse. For how simple that game was, it was incredibly addicting.

    I did have a chance to play their preview build of Jump Dewds, and I do say, it does have the potential to be an equally addicting game.