In mid-December, Mountain Sheep quietly dropped their one-on-one arcade hockey title Ice Rage [99¢] into the App Store. We thought it was a pretty fun little game in our review, but Ice Rage was so severely lacking in content it was kind of hard to know what to make of it. Since its initial release, the developers have been addressing this problem with a decent stream of updates.

A week after its launch an update added the Bike Baron as a playable character, and then an update in January added another new character as well as a fun single-player tournament mode with a simplistic stat upgrading system. Then earlier this month, yet some more new characters were added to the playable roster.

Slowly but surely, Ice Rage was getting fleshed out, and today a brand new update has been released that continues that progression. In fact, it's probably the biggest Ice Rage update yet. A new skater, the big Swedish bruiser Svensson, has been added to the roster, and he looks ready to party. Also, each of the characters have been given their own individual "weight" in the game, giving them a more distinctive feel from each other as opposed to just feeling like different skins of the same player.

What I think is the biggest addition in this update to Ice Rage is iCade support. For such an arcade-y arcade game, mashing away at a physical joystick and buttons can only add to the experience. If they could at some point figure out a way to get multiplayer between two iCades to be a thing then I would be in miniature arcade heaven.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners also get treated to anti-aliasing courtesy of the latest update, as well as enlarged touch zones during multiplayer and huge memory optimizations. The core gameplay in Ice Rage is so much fun that I'm really hoping Mountain Sheep keep on making the overall game more robust. But for a dollar, even as a simple arcade experience, Ice Rage is a blast so be sure to give the latest update a spin.

  • drew

    Can you try to report more information about Minigore Zombies and why it's taking so freaking long to come out with please?

  • tootiegooch

    Looks like a fun game, perfect to relax with after spending your day flying your world war 1 era bi-plane.

  • Mr. Retro Sports

    I'm excited for the weight upgrade, but playing this now on my iPhone4 it's insanely slow.  Something glitchy going on there.

    • Petri Kero

      We're working on resolving this issue. If you can spare some time to help us out answering questions, it would speed up fixing the issue. Here's a few questions to begin with:
      a) Which iOS version are you using? (We've tested with iPhone 4 + iOS 5.0 & 5.0.1 and both worked ok at our end.)
      b) In which screens / game modes does this happen: 1) main menu, 2) sub menus, 3) single player quickmatch, 4) single player tournament, 5) multi-player match
      c) Anything else that comes to your mind that might help us narrow down the root cause.

      Petri Kero / Lead Programmer of Ice Rage

      • Chad Omo

        I'm also having this issue. Using iOS 5.01 on an iPhone 4. It's slow on ALL screens. Even the background guys at the main screen are in slow motion.

  • Linuxuser1

    One of the best "one device iPad multiplayer games" ever!