The Corpse Party series of video games have been loitering around my "I really should play these some day" game list since I first heard about them a few years ago. The games have some crazy roots behind them, as the first title was made in RPG Maker, a point and click game studio that was responsible for countless terrible ultra-indie RPG games. My personal favorite of these RPG Maker games was Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa. (Yes, that's a real game, watch the trailer. No really, watch it.) Anyway, Corpse Party has had two different remakes since then, the most recent of which landed as a downloadable title for the PSP in late 2010. A sequel arrived around a year later, and there have even been two manga adaptations. One was even published by Square Enix.

If this is the first time you've heard of Corpse Party, Joystiq's JC Fletcher put together an awesome description of what the game is all about. In essence, it's your typical 16 bit JRPG that jumps the rails in a big way. You quickly find yourself in a nightmare dimension where no one can see each other, doors don't work, windows are blocked by human hair, and evidence of countless child murders are everywhere. (Making you wonder how this is getting by the App Store approval department, eh?) There's a cast of characters who are subjected to the torture of this environment, and you sit by and watch what unfolds.

What interested me about this crazy game is that there's tons of "bad endings," like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. I've always really liked games that divert from a linear roller coaster ride to letting you screw up, and then showing you the consequences. The PSP version is even constructed with selectable chapters to allow you to go back and explore all these different outcomes.

According to Andriasang, Corpse Party will be hitting the Japanese App Store this week for ¥2,200 which in US App Store pricing would be $29.99. No word yet on a localized English release, but I figure if the game will be available for iOS devices with Japanese text, an English adaptation can't be that far off, since presumably the translation already exists from the PSP game.

Fingers crossed, anyway.

[Famitsu via Andriasang via Joystiq]

  • Andrew Miner

    I'll wait for it to go to .99. NOT, the PSP game was good, if we can support good games at a premium price on the app store dev's will listen. If this does well, it will show companies that console games can make money on iOS and not just the typical gameloft freemium POS.

    • Anonymous

      Nice argument.... What is that? A straw man? I forget.

      Good games don't have to cost $29.99. They can be any price. And for a market that has largely never heard of this game, $29.99 isn't going to sell in huge numbers. At that price it doesn't have to. But no, I thank the publishers of corpse party from saving me from NOTHING but 'gameloft freemiun POS'.

      Companies already know that console quality games make money. COD:Zombies is routinely in the top grossing, as is GTA3, and lest we forget infinity blade has made dump trucks full of money.

      • Mystery Man

        I agree with you that a game doesn't have to be priced sky high to make a good amount of money. The point I was trying to make is that the app store needs to break away from the current freeimum/.99 trend in order to see some real progress and platform innovation. I want more high quality titles like Galaxy on Fire 2 and Infinity Blade 1 & 2

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, iOS gaming has seemed to hit a plateu for now. Used to be more interesting a year ago, but now it's more bland. Not very many notable releases lately either... There are a few here and there, but not as many as there used to be.

      •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

        " Not very many notable releases lately either...:"
        Infinity Blade 2
        Lost Wind
        Super Crate Box
        The Bards Tale
        Ghost Trick
        Run roo Run
        Sonic CD
        Creamson Steam Pirate
        GTA 3
        Soul Calibur
        Reckless Racing 2

        And so, and so...

        And all the indie jewels:
        Blot, Jazz, Tongue tied, Sleepy Jack, and so, and so...

        This isn't stellar, but this is very solid. And clearly at the same level, globally, than traditionnal console platform.

      • Anonymous

        I'm well aware of those- I have most of them. Still, not as many notable games have been released lately compared to the last few years. There have been more notable games released on consoles than on iOS- that's not how it typically is. Haven't really been playing with any of my iOS devices lately...

    •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

      29,99 for an old game, without stock, transport and marketing, this is just a swindle.
      This isn't a premium price here, this a total joke and this does NOT well.
      ID software makes millions dollars with a 5 buck game (30 millions), EA make millions too and so others. You can have premium price, but 30 dollars isn't a deal for anyone. The world is in big crisis and you agree that we must pay a console game price for a game on iOS ? I don't understand this logic.

      Low price : 1 or 2 dollar
      Mid price: 3--> 5 dollar (and you have console quality game in this range of price: Real Racing 2, Infinity Blade 2)

      Premium: 6 --> 12 dollar.

      And that's all...the market is very big on iOS, 300 millions itunes account. you can sell a LOT on this plateform on a low-mid price basis. Infinity Blade 1&2: more than 6 millions are selling, Real Racing 2: more than 2 millions, Angry Birds: more than 60 millions.
      Without stock and transport cost, this is a real deal for the devs. You CAN'T have the same reasoning than the console market. This isn't the same market, not in player terms, but in economics terms. 

  • Anonymous

    I think you mean the US pricing will be 2.99, not 29.99

    • Mystery Man

      Nope the article clearly states 29.99

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's $29.99.

      • Brad Nicholson


      • Anonymous

        On the plus side, it comes with an actual corpse.

      • Oooooomonkey

        29.99 for an iOS game. Wow I really can't see that selling many copy's.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it will probably sell 30 times less than most sucessful 0.99 games!

      •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

        No, it will probably sell 100000 times less than most sucessful 0.99 games !
        This is crazy.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The best thing about high price points is you don't have to move very many units to make that much money. This is a very niche game. People who want it (like some of the people in this comments thread) will buy it. There's no way a game like Corpse Party is going to be able to hack it in the 99¢ mass download market.

      •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

        @Eli Hodapp:"People who want it (like some of the people in this comments thread) will buy it"
        No, i want it, really, i like this genre of game, but at this price, i will pass.
        There is a huge gap between 0,99 dollar and 30 dollar...
        Infinity blade 2 are selling very well at 5 dollar. This will be a better move for Corpse party. All the people who want this game could REALLY buy it. And the other will not be too afraid by a very high price.

      • Eli Hodapp

        You should email the developers and offer them your business consulting services. 🙂

      •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

        Perhaps... 😉

      • Vovin

        Price bitching again?
        Oh my... if the price doean't fit in your opinion, why don't you just move on?
        It was about time that a developer has set a reasonable price for a high quality product; finally the devs seems to have the balls to set prices accordingly.
        Oh well, we will hear all the cheapskates in the forum threads moan and groan, but in the end it is a step in the right direction.
        I just wonder if you know what the development of such an app costs and how much copies have to be sold to get the expenses in? 
        A price point of .99$ isn't a guaranteed hit. Some games cost 15 bucks and sold great. 

      •édéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

        This is an OLD game
        There is no sotck, no transport, no marketing.
        I'm free to say that between 0.99 and 30 dollar, there are a lot of possibilities.
        If the game cost a lot, why choosing a price so high than nobody will pay for this ? This isn't very logic...and after that they will make the price at 5 or 8 bucks but the launch will be miss...

        "Some games, on the other hand, cost 15 bucks and sell great."

        On iOS ?

        "but in the end it is a step in the right direction."

        No, the good step isn't to re-sell old game at a console price. This is a pure steal here for a digital download.
        I'm not for "all the game must be at 0.99" but i'm not too for "the big game must be at 30 dollar". .

  • colettebennett

    I love these games. I think this is going to be a perfect fit for iOS.

  • Stark

    I want this game. Now. Pretty please.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, never heard of this game and I won't be parting with... £15? Ish? To try it out.

    I'd pay that for a port of Parasites Eve II in a flash though. Loved that game.

    • Anonymous

      Yea me too man I'm a sucker for Parasite Eve II that will be awesome!!!

  • Hansy

    Corpse Party is a horror adventure soft video game series developed by Team GrisGris. The first game in the series was developed using the RPG maker software and released in 1996 for PC-9801.

  • Anonymous

    Aaah yess!!! Just translate the text...and no need to rush either. In future you could work english texts while making the game. I'll pay for good games. I don't know if this is one though, and it looks like its a bit pricey for a Rpg-maker game, but it seems to have a lot of animation and voice acting and those don't make themselves. Hope the game elements are good.

  • Anonymous

    I would pay $30 for this, if it was the iPad version.  But I fear I am the minority.  I have waited a long time for it to appear on the Australian PSN store to enjoy on my PSP.  But I could still put up with the touch version, just as well.

    Sony has basically given up on the PSP PSN store.  With on a new item once every week or so.  I guess it's not making enough money even to host it, when the translated version is available.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, even though it was made in RPG Maker, it isn't a JRPG. It's actually an adventure-horror game. Also, I kind of doubt the English version will be released on the AppStore (it may be at a later date- who knows?). Really want to play it- will prolly just get it when I get my Vita. It would be hilarious if the English version did cost $30- it would be yet another instance where an iOS port of a game costs more than the original console version.

  • Anonymous

    Give me Parasite Eve II and I will be glad to pay 29.99

  • Anonymous

    Oh 5pb., if you bring this to the App Store in english AND Steins;Gate, I would gladly pay ANY price. In all honesty, I love the concept of digital releases, they help me overcome the barriers between international games (since VNs and the like will never, ever reach my country; importing isn't an option for me either). But seriously, 29.99 is a huge price even for a digital release (especially if you factor in App Store standards). I mean, you can pick up a game for about $10 at Steam nowadays, and those are the whole console experience. I support the choice of going for a premium price; if the game is that good that it warrants such a price tag, then I say go for it. But with today's economy, I don't think a lot of people will accept it. Probably price it at about 9-12 like Square Enix and that should attract a lot more people.

  • Nicole Hunter

    omg!  You must be kidding!  These developers need to adjust to the market.  Ghost trick was 10 dollars.  That's the highest I'd go.  Period.  30 dollars is too steep though.  For a digital download especially.  Prices are downsized for digital downloads because there's always a slim chance that the game is lost and there is no way to redownload it.  I back up everything on my computer but there's still a possibility it gets lost and that would stop me from buying this game.  I'd also advise that everyone not buy this game till the price is brought down to app store standards.  

  • Inaba-kun

    I'd be interested to know what this goes for on the PSP. Any digital version of a game should be, at most, 1/3 of the price of a physical copy. Obviously that isn't always the case, but it should be, as anything else is a scam.

  • Inaba-kun

    Just checked the PSP price - USD $75.

    So the iOS version is after all, a good deal.  

    • BTA has been released in the US at... $20, IIRC. PSN only, though.

      In any case, it's a great game, but I doubt XSEED will bring it over to iOS.

  • app symmetry

    Oh, I'm SO jumpin on this... I don't care how much it is... REALLY hope it'll be Universal... 

  • Michael Matzat

    The English version will not be 30$ and Eli will cry. 🙂

    There is a bunch of high price japanes titles, different marked, different prices. Everyone relax.

  • Dower Chin

    Ouch. I think they're a little off on the price. I played the game a little on the PSP, It's not bad, but not $29.99 good.

  • Suitcase Reviews

    The game looks alright but way of on the $30 mark, not worth that surely