Big swords and slow-motion make us feel good on the inside, so we're obligated to share this trailer with you. Before you gander at its splendor, here's some context: this is a side-scrolling action RPG from White Whale Games. It's called God of Blades, and in it, users will "assume the role of a nameless spectral king" against a horde of demon dudes. From what we can tell, the action model breaks down to whacking demons with overly large weapons until they fall down. It sounds cool in theory.

No word on release other than "soon," and we're not 100 percent sure what platforms it'll appear on or, hey, even its price. We're guessing these kinds of things will be announced on the studio's Twitter or Facebook in due time.

  • TouchGamePlay

    Instant Buy - Still smashing Money at the Screen after watching it...

  • Andrew Poth

    Looks like a Psygnosis game for the Amiga...

    • bluspacecow

      Agreed. Reminds me of Shadow of the Beast

  • Anonymous

    The graphics are absolutely beautiful.

    The animation is absolutely pants. That always kills it for me.

    • matthew wood

      agreed pants animation, makes it look like mortal kombat on ice. hopefully a bit longer in the oven for the ui and overall polish.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I'm having trouble deciding which of his 2 moves I like best; the spin or the overhead swing. They're both just too good :p

  • Anonymous

    looks like FASTAR but less interesting 

  • Anonymous

    Rough around the edges to say the least

  • Jay

    Reminds me of Shadow of the Beast!

  • Anonymous

    Really? This is what passes for "awesome" around here? Looks like crap to me.

    • Paco

      I don't know about "crap", but I don't see the draw either, other than some nice animations.

      • Anonymous

        The animations(...or just animation) and "physics" looks like a flash game. And one move?

  • Anonymous

    looks like an endless running game...   maybe that's what its supposed to be?

  • Anonymous

    So you just have to slash them before they slash you? That's what it looks like in the trailer at least... hopefully it's better than that.

  • rekzkarz

    Might be pretty, but I'm not sold on endless runner genre yet.  This app doesn't change my mind.

  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that it's a running / slashing game; it's simple and retro.  The art and graphics are incredible, which makes it for me.  Plus, this is just the trailer... I'm sure there's more to come, along with the awesome sword play.