Super Crate Box [99¢] finally launched yesterday to a fairly rousing reception. I caught tons of people praising the game all over the Twitters, in our forums, and probably in other social outlets that I'm not even cool enough to know about yet. With no other big releases this week, Super Crate Box has been the talk of the town for the past 24 hours or so, and has in turn been shooting right up the paid app charts, currently sitting just inside the top 40 overall.

But another clever way to see just how many people are engrossed in Super Crate Box is by the "total crates collected" counter on the main menu. Basically, it tallies up the number of crates that have been collected across all players on iOS, or at least the ones that have connected to the internet, since the game's release. At the onset, developer Vlambeer had said on their blog that if players could grow the total crates collected tally up to 5 million then they would release the first content update for Super Crate Box.

It's kind of a neat incentive, since we've all grown so accustomed to free content updates and most of the time just blindly expect to receive them. True, free updates are one of the coolest aspects about App Store gaming, but I don't have a problem with having to work for it a bit in Super Crate Box, especially when the "work" is so much fun. Plus, as the counter continues to rise, it gives a pretty good indication that people are still actively playing your game, and that any time or effort you spend on making a content update will be justified.

However, I don't think even Vlambeer expected that Super Crate Box would be so popular right off the bat. It's been just over 24 hours since the game has been available and the total crates collected has already surged past the 3 million mark. At this rate, we should be hitting 5 million even before most of us get off work to start the weekend. It really is quite remarkable.

Vlambeer isn't being very forthcoming with exactly what it is that will be in the 5 million crates update, but so far all requests I've been hearing have been for new arenas, new characters, and new weapons. So basically, more of everything. I can't wait to see what makes it into the first major update.

On a similar note, the game unfortunately launched with a bug that caused it to crash on 3GS devices running certain versions of iOS, and already an update has been released that rectifies this. I'm glad to know that serious game crashing bugs don't need to wait around for the 5 million crate mark, and am really impressed with Vlambeer's quick turnaround with that issue. We'll keep on contributing crates to the grand total on the way to 5 million and the first content update, and you can check discussion on Super Crate Box in our forums until we collectively hit that mark.

  • Mark Booker

    The biggest issue with this game is the controls.  It is very difficult to play using a touchscreen, at least with the current button layout.  With the iCade it's fine, but until they tweak or all the users to tweak the controls, it is hard to recommend.

    • Jeff

      I agree, the controls are not so great, at least on the iPad.  The buttons are way too spaced out for me (and I have big hands).  I'd love an option to allow the player to move the buttons.

  • Bill Quine

    Agreed. The controls are terrible. This is a game that demands precision... the game is unplayable as it is.

    • nostrich

      How do you explain the Game Center high scores, in that case?

      • Bill Quine

        People with iCade?

        I've unlocked most characters and difficulties of all the stages, but I bet over 80 percent of my deaths are due to messed up controls. It's unbearably frustrating.

      • Chris Aanerud

        I bet over 100% of your deaths are because you lack opposable thumbs.

        I have gotten 40+ crates on a level using the touch screen. That means the game is not broken.

      • Bill Quine

        I've gotten over 50. That just means that none of the weird little hop-jumps that sometimes happen when you try to push both buttons and none of the button mix-ups that sometimes occur took place at inopportune times. The fact that it's possible to rack up big scores is no argument against the fact that the controls are frustratingly broken.

  • Jeremy

    Muffin Knight gets everything right on this style of gameplay and Super Crate Box gets everything wrong. Worst of all are terrible controls, glitchy jumping, and unbalanced spawning of monsters.

    • Chris Aanerud

      Completely disagree here. The controls in Muffin Knight are floaty and the combat is not satisfying. The leveling system and perks are addictive in Muffin Knight, though.

      • Iggy

        SCB is waaay to fast for touch controls, while Muffin Knight's pace is much better suited to iPhone.

  • Steven heintz

    Controls are fine for me. Don't think i could get 50+ crates if they were terrible.

  • MarkEightThree

    The game is great but I have to agree with the controls needing some tweaking. Right now you have to press the actual buttons to move the character which is hard to do quickly and precisely since they're so small. It might be a better idea if they just split the bottom left of the screen so a button press in that general area moved the character.

  • J.Shamblin

    Awesome game. It's frustrating at first, but once you get use to the controls, it's a lot of fun.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think that the controls are fine!

  • Declan Bowers

    Controls are fine, I haven't had a problem with them. The thing that kills me though is when I have to run underneath them...or a crate spawns under them.

  • Ivan Ivanov

    This game absolutely sucks. Poor graphics, bad controls, tremendously boring and repetitive gameplay with no style, no fun, no replayability. It lacks everything! Not worth downloading even for free. One of that useless thousands of garbage games on appstore.

    • sidetwo

      Wow, my thoughts are the total opposite of this.  Controls are great and intuitive, graphics are perfectly simple and most of all fast moving, plenty of re-playability as the game is the epitome of the saying, "just one more."

  • Anonymous

    This game could have been great, but its NOT!
     Its extremely difficult because of the bad controls and on iphone I CANT SEE A THING from my fingers on the tiny controls, you know scrolling would have been a good idea. They spent half a year polishing this? It feels like a rushed superficial game nothing more.

  • Steven Lewis

    I use an iPad and the controls are fine for me. Unfortunately, I suck at the game and though I have tried a lot, I have yet to unlock new levels. I hope if they add extra levels, they are not locked! In any case, I adore this game.

    I like Muffin Knight too! Although it owes a ton to SCB, it adds enough new ideas and has fantastic presentation to not be considered a pure clone.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha don't worry man you're not alone. I unlocked one level just because the crates were luckily placed so close together all the time. I think I ended up with 12 and haven't broken 7 any other time. The game's just really hard.

  • CJ

    I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I love it, for the most part; it's fun, addictive and it really gets the ol' adrenaline going. On the other hand, it's infuriating because of the imprecise controls and the strangely large hitbox on the main sprite. Plus I really suck at the game. I mean like, really really suck.

    • Aaron G

      I'm in the same boat. I hooked it up to my iCade, and I'm still not great. My high score was around 12 crates. I completely agree on the too large hitbox. A few times I swore I dodged a baddie, but I got the impression the game was like "close enough, you're outta here".

  • Anonymous

    This game is much better than Muffin Knights. (if you like fun)

    • Steven Lewis

      Why is it better?

    • Anonymous

      Why? At least Muffin Knight is user friendly and easy to play, you can even customize your controls if you don't like them.

      I liked SCB on the PC and I bought it for my iphone 3GS (and it crashed, until the fix came out :P) but sadly it just doesn't work well with the touch screen.

  • Jeff

    Has anyone been able to successfully shoot and jump at the same time on the iPad?  The buttons are so spaced apart...

  • Sam Nelson

    aaaaaaaaaaand we've gone past the 5 million crate mark!

  • Anonymous

    When I first got this game the controls drove me nuts. I would occasionally miss the small buttons but I'm fine with that as a little practice took care of that problem easily. The thing that drives me crazy is your thumbs are always covering the lowest parts of the level. After a while though you start to get used to it (can't find the crate? check under your thumb) and while it's still a little frustrating I can't put this game down. It's a lot of fun, even more frustrating, and just crazy addictive.

  • John McCollum

    Does anyone know if this is iCade compatible? I hooked mine up but not getting a response from the game. I see nothing in settings to make this work. Odd as I thought it was supported.

    • Rick Lindeman

      It works. Different firebuttons than you think

  • Taylor @ TBE

    I love this game. I treat it a bit like a management simulator. If I'm trapped on the bottom of the map from getting a crate, I slowly work my way back out and up. It's about map control and weapon management as well. If you have mines for example, don't just blindly run for the next crate. Place as many mines as you can! Maybe even some near the bottom of the map for those buggers that get past you.

    Great game Vlambeer, bought it night of release. High score is 43, and I know I'll beat that soon.

  • Rafael Palma

    Wow, my highscore is 86! i was searching to beat the 115 mark on the leaderboards, but a baddie got me haha.

    I dont see anything bad with the controls, you just need practice with em 😉

  • timoftelaur

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  • Zakoth Xard

    They are a bit behind, it's at like 10 million now.

  • Rafael Palma

    The update was submited already 

  • lecti

    It's not so much the controls, but the player character has "death radius" half the size of the character around it, whereas the enemy does not.  I end up dying whenever I try some slick moves because of this, so I end up being very conservative, relying on explosive weapons.  There's also something wrong with firing right after jumping - I usually end up not firing at all and die there as well (see death radius above).  I hope they address this soon.