We've come to expect EA to never mess around with its sales, and we're pleased to report that it certainly isn't messing around with its latest. From now, and presumably until shortly after New Years Day, all of the publisher's gargantuan premium catalogue is an agreeable $.99. That means games like Madden 12, Trenches II, and many others have been reduced up to 90-percent off the original asking price. Whoa, right?

This same sale happened last year around this time, too. You probably know the story, but EA managed to choke the App Store's charts with its titles and pushed everyone out of its way. It was a powerful move that set the yuletide savings tone moving forward.

We've got a list, but just as a note, we haven't listed every single EA game, just the ones in this "holiday sale."

If you're looking for something else, hit up EA's publisher page on the App Store. You'll see its entire selection, including games that were already $.99 courtesy its Daily Deals seasonal program.

  • Anonymous

    FIFA 12 for iPad is a buy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Every game I looked at had really bad reviews. Seems they are having trouble giving their games away at $0.99.

    • L. Billy

      What are you talking about? Some of their games, namely FIFA 12, Dead Space, NFS games, Madden, NBA Jam have received very good (= >4 stars) reviews. Some indie partisans like to diss on big boys like EA and Gameloft, but without those 2, the App store would be a pretty dull place.

  • Anonymous

    Real Racing 2 also is $0.99 formerly Firemint, now EA

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing, there isn't a single game there I want!

  • Anonymous

    Ref a recent toucharcade podcast, it's a bargain for everyone but chokes indie development. What chance do lesser known devs/apps have to make it big or at least noticed and make a living

    • Anonymous

      I read somewhere that what game devs are competing for now is player time.  All these dollar games are going to devour a lot of that.  Players with no time left to play aren't going to buy more games, unless they're heavily discounted... which only adds to their backlog of unplayed games.

      Maybe it's a plot by Gameloft and EA to drive the indies into closing down and going to work for EA and Gameloft.  Little do they know, however, that indies can photosynthesize and live on trace minerals, much like lichens on a rock.  Give them a boulder in the sun, and they're immortal.

      • Anonymous

        I'll make it a habit to not buy EA and Gameloft games then.

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather have Battlefield 3: Aftershock than any of those games on that list.

  • Anonymous

    That old EA logo gives me visions of taller-than-usual Genesis carts with yellow tabs dancing in my head

  • http://www.burpingbunnies.com Gerald butler

    Are these for true? If it is, this is a great gifts for all gamers, I really like to catch up Need  for Speed and NBA Jam. Good spirit of Christmas Season. Thanks for a great information.

  • http://twitter.com/winningfool Cory Engel

    The headline says "or Free", but none of the sale titles are free. If the only free titles are the ones that are always free, then the "free" part isn't news and shouldn't be in the headline.

    • Anonymous

      I also noticed that fact that it says Free in the title, but no where else - not even inside the article 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/nicholsonb Brad Nicholson

      It's just a statement, dude, created to express that its entire catalogue is priced under a dollar. 

    • http://twitter.com/mikeyCAPS michael c.

      When they meant "or Free", EA has been doing Holiday deals since the end of November or beginning of December with daily deals.  Monopoly, Mirror's Edge, and Spy Mouse went for FREE for a day.  It's tedious, but always check back in their Daily Deals to catch their sales.

  • Louis Roeble

    I'd been waiting for a good sale on Fifa for my iPad, so I'm definitely grabbing that.

  • Anonymous

    I don't need anymore apps. I have about 70 apps, but I've only used about 25 of them in the last month.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      Yea the same for me. Except that I have over 500 games and I've only tried a handful of them. Honestly unless the game looks wicked awesome, I don't really see the need to spend my money, half the time I just get msg's on my email that games are free and don't bother to download them. Out of all of those I'd say dead space if you haven't tried it yet.

    • http://twitter.com/bjornkeizers Bjorn Keizers

      Same here. Every holiday I end up buying several games because they're all on sale for 99 cents (79 cents in euros, sounds like an even better deal). Inevitably, I play one or two and let the rest sit. 

      Heck, sometimes I'm even surprised to see I own a particular game when it pops up in my update list...Basically, I've bought at least a dozen great games in every genre. So why buy yet another 99 center just to have it?

  • http://twitter.com/vigormusic Kevin Pelletier ♮

    How long did this sale run for last year?

  • http://www.facebook.com/wasupak Wasupak Charoensin

    When this will expire ?
    Already bought NFS Most wanted but still consider for more