Rovio Mobile is celebrating the second "birthday" of Angry Birds [$.99 / Lite / HD / HD Lite] in style. Of course, the app has been updated with new levels -- specifically, 15 birthday-themed levels, complete with cake and candles and hats. But Rovio is also taking the celebration to the streets. Starting at 11AM, Barnes & Noble stores around the country are holding exclusive events complete with prize raffles and Mighty Eagle scavenger hunts.

As we revealed on Twitter, Barnes & Nobles at The Grove in Los Angeles is probably going to be the best place to see this party in action. Rovio's North American GM will be there, and he'll apparently be carrying tons of swag with him. If you're going to go, send us some pictures. We'd love to see that "Birds & Noble" sign in particular.

Love it or hate it, Angry Birds is huge. And it's huge enough to score a re-branding partnership with a popular retailer for a good chunk of a Sunday afternoon. While it seems silly, this kind of thing does wonders for our favorite phone and tablet hobby, so here's to hoping the momentum continues.

[Via VentureBeat]

  • Techo Talk

    really a nice game and a creative way to use word birthday = birdday i m a big fan of angrybirds

  • Multi Band

    Celebration without slashing prices for HD? Thats not what I call to celebrate...

    • Eli Hodapp

      The best part about having a brand with ridiculous demand behind it is you have no reason to ever do sales!

  • Anonymous

    This game is extremely overrated. Every level is practically the same, and the game quickly gets boring.

    Plus, considering that this is a paid app, they need to stop putting advertisements in it.

  • Andrew Lane

    This celebration thing though, sounds really cool!  I hope other apps do this too.  Like World of Goo, Foursquare, and Cut the Rope.  But, that will never happen.