Despite is charmingly designed appearance, Bike Baron [$.99] is a cold and cruel game made for those of us who like to fail and feel rewarded whenever we do manage to land a pixel-perfect jump. The game's developer, Mountain Sheep, on the other hand... it seems a lot more open and friendlier than its product. Case in point: it's giving users a brand new, insane-big free update and it's asking for nothing, not even a beating, in return.

At the top, Bike Baron 1.3 sees the introduction of Domovoi Biker playability in every one of the game's levels. Mountain Sheep reckons that he's "just as cool as" Baron, but notes that he's a tad easier to play with. The fact that he gets more checkpoints, basically proves that.

But that's not all -- Mountain Sheep is featuring 22 of the 'best' user levels with new goals. This update also adds a "retry from beginning" button, more sound effects, and "various small fixes in level flow and structure," including those new Domovoi checkpoints we just mentioned. Oh! And Twitter integration is now a thing. Try not to spew to many profanities across the world wide web, eh?

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