One thing about this week: you'll save some money if you're looking to stock up for a big drive or just content to use as "Ignore Family" fuel. The worldwide leaders of Sonic games, for example, is holding a fairly comprehensive sale, so if you were in the mood for a, uh ... more historic afternoon of App Store appreciation, then get your download fingers ready.

The big ticket items, as usual whenever Sega holds a sale, are its Sonic series games. It seems like the general fan audience is mixed on the quality of these, but at prices like one dollar, it's hard to feel too conned by the much-beloved, yet also heatedly criticized publisher. Also, of note? The oft-featured Monkey Ball games have been lowered to a buck.

  • James Bond

    Sonic 4 is on sale for 2.99, not 1.99. Just thought I'd point out. 

    • James Bond


  • Be-Rad Entertainment

    "Sonic sucks" video

  • Anonymous

    Good! Allright, man, break loose with Sonic CD!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing here for me to pick up, already got Super Monkeyball for free a while back.

  • Austin Riddle

    I still want Streets of Rage Remake by bombergames, and I still hate Sega for cancelling it.  Go suck a Sonic Sega

  • Erock

    Samurai Bloodshow is the best game on that list. Get it...