It's no secret we love the various gamebooks available on the App Store, and as veterans of classic choose your own adventure books, it's hard to put them down. Anyway, Tin Man Games, the guys who are responsible for the Gamebook Adventures series on the App Store, just dropped us a note mentioning they've secured a deal with the folks from 2000 AD to produce a Judge Dredd-centric interactive gamebook. It's set to be released in Q2 next year for the price of $4.99.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "Oh wow, Judge Dredd, I hope I can contain my excitement!" But, consider this: This is a great first step to get bigger gamebooks on the App Store, packed with recognizable characters and other popular IP. Not to say that Tin Man Games' existing series of gamebook adventures aren't good (because they are), but it seems like integrating at least a semi-popular character into things on the App Store can be a great way to get a much wider audience interested in something. More people interested in gamebooks means a larger customer base, which only means more gamebooks.

And I, for one, am always excited at the prospect of more gamebooks.

  • Rickard Olsson

    "Oh wow, Judge Dredd, I hope I can contain my excitement" - That's exactly what I thought, but at the same time I was serious about it! πŸ™‚

  • Mike

    A gamebook? wtf is a gamebook? Haha kidding, I read the description. Don't make a gamebook for Dredd...

  • John Usher

    Wow sweet. I've already got all the gamebook series. New ones are always welcome.
    Although for me my biggest love is Transformers G1! You bring me a gamebook with transformers in it and I'll have your children tin man games.

  • drelbs

    Very cool - I'll be buying any Gamebook Adventures from these guys - their gamebooks are a perfect example on how this sort of thing should be on iOS!