Com2uS is certainly in the seasonal spirit. The publisher has added Halloween trimmings to a ton of its current line-up of titles, including Homerun Battle 3D [$.99 / HD], Tiny Farm [Free], World of Magic [Free], and even Piggy Adventure [$.99 / HD]. Starting now, you can deck out your farms with zombie horses and jack-o-lanterns, blow baseballs out of the yard while wearing a pumpkin on your head, use Warp Gates and pumpkins as pet in World of Magic, and enjoy 12 Halloween-themed levels and new musical tracks across Piggy Adventure.

In other related Halloween-ynews, Homerun Battle 3D is now just $.99, three dollars less than its standard, non-celebratory price. Piggy Adventure also sees a cut due to this event: it's now $.99 instead of its usual $2.99.

Now, I ask you to enjoy the funniest series of pictures from a video game ever. You can catch images of the other games mentioned in this post at Com2uS's blog.

  • Charles Albert

    They also could update Slice It, put some comemorative stages. It would be nice.

  • Thomas

    After they started threatening other app developers with a trademark on a genre name that should never have been granted in the first place I have actively avoided their apps. I hope others will do so also. The trademark granted sets a terribly bad precedent and none of the developers targeted by them have the resources to fight against it even if the trademark was granted in error. The only tools we have to fight them is to not buy their products and make sure they know why.