Namco Bandai is planning to roll a couple of new levels into Katamari Amore [Free] tomorrow. Seven in total, actually, one of which is Tekken-themed, are scheduled to hit in an update to the App Store-exclusive Katamari successor. Each will be playable across all of the game's modes in the "unlocked" (read: paid) version, but only the first of these will be available in the base, free-to-play experience.

Confusion is a natural reaction to any and all update news for a game that's essentially split between financial models. Just think of Amore as a demo that you can morph into a full, retail-ish game with your hard-earned coin. Also, like with the first level pack, this update basically requires a purchase of the 'full' game.

Here's a look at what's coming:

We weren't impressed with Amore, which continues our streak of disappointment in a series that really should feel at home on the iPad and iPhone. New levels aren't the fix, but for the fans it does have, I'd imagine it's enough to keep them invested.

You can read our review here, if you're interested in learning more.

  • Anonymous

    Ok first you forgot to mention Angry Birds a minimum of 3X, and second, where the hell are all the puns?

    But still. Tekken level? Psyched.

    • Anonymous

      Angry Birds is such an amazing game!...

      ... I hate Angry Birds! It sucks!

  • Steve

    Wow, not sure why people have problems with this game... I like it, it's still way better than 90% of daily IOS releases and you can't deny that at least 9 out of 10 games are crap.

  • Stephen Staver

    My question is whether this is a "level pack" that requires you to pay a 2nd time for, or if people who purchased the first thing will get this too. I wonder, because the in-game store has everything listed separate, so it makes me suspect that it's a pay-for-each-update type thing. 🙁

  • John Usher

    The biggest problem I had with this was the controls, they were terrible.

  • James Bond

    They lost me the second I found out it was freemium.

    • James Bond

      I mean honestly, I feel like many of the developers are going freemium solely on the figure that freemium titles are making more than premium ones. Honestly, if monetization is the criteria of the developers, they're not even getting a download from me.

      • Anonymous

        Why? Developers have bills to pay (possibly dependants to support) and want to buy nice things too. Why is it bad that they try and make a profit from their work?

      • James Bond

        I don't think paying the next utilities bill for a company as big as Namco is even a thing to be considered. Sure, it's not wrong for a company to strive for profits, but at the same time you have to consider that the company lives off it's fan base. Now if your only motive is to suck all the cash you could from your fan-base without much attention being diverted to delivering quality to your games, what kind of company is that?

        The best way I could describe the relationship between a developer and its consumers is like a love relationship. The company caters to the people's wants, and the people cater to the purchasers wants. If the company's motive is to not cater its fan base, then there's a serious problem.

  • Chungyen Chang

    I thought the controls were okay, but I was pretty disappointed by the very bare levels. In the console games, there's action and movement and things happening all around you, but in Amore it's just so...static.