Roughly three billion years ago, Christopher Columbus sailed across vast ocean and fell off the end of the planet. We celebrate his memory this Monday in the United States, which also means we’re about to get a ton of great App Store deals. For example, Gameloft is throwing a nice little $.99 sale on a small swathe of its titles. This one is particularly interesting, as all of the games on sale usually hover above the four dollar mark.

Here’s the list:

As far as Zelda clones go, Sacred Odyssey ain’t so bad. So, if you’re really hankering to get in one these savings, we’d suggest you shoot for that one. Here’s our review if you’d like to spend some time reading about it.

On an unrelated but also related note, check this out:

  • AmpliHelix

    As soon as I saw you guys post this on Twitter, I said to myself "9mm & MC2 please, 9mm & MC2 please" and what do I see? 9mm & MC2!! Insta-purchased!

    How is Eternal Legacy? It looks like Final Fantasy.

    • Anonymous

      Eternal Legacy is OK but it's really archaic in terms of gameplay mechanics. Pretty much just a really basic JRPG style game- like early final fantasy. Voice acting isn't that great either... Just try the lite version before you buy it. Decide for yourself. If you want a good JRPG game, Chaos Rings is great (but it isn't cheap).

  • Anonymous

    It's also Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!