Back in early September, the ever-busy Crescent Moon Games announced in our forums that they would be collaborating with Thunder Game Works (of Trenches [99¢/Lite/HD] fame) to bring gamers Evertales, a side-scrolling action-brawler with impressive 3D visuals and a great sense of humor.

You play as one of three unique characters, each of which are past their brawling prime in some fashion, but are nonetheless undeterred from the task at hand which is to eliminate the evil Dark Lord of Darkness. You can get an introduction to these characters as well as a taste of the type of tongue-in-cheek humor in Evertales in the debut trailer for the game:

Evertales is currently humming along in the development process, and both Crescent Moon and Thunder Game Works are shooting for submission for Apple approval sometime this month. It will launch as a Universal app with support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Game Center integration, and will support iOS 5 features like iCloud game saves and AirPlay Mirroring. We’ll be looking to see how the final product turns out when Evertales launches sometime in the very near future.

  • q j

    Looks great Crescent Moon does it again

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an instant buy so far.... If games like this keep coming and they all support mirroring, who needs a wii u?

  • Nicholas Randall

    Alright, I know it's going to be a totally different end product but I immediately thought Trine. There's many similarities. But I think I'll like the scripting of Evertales much better 🙂

  • Adam

    You beat me to it Nicholas. I immediately thought of Trine with some Rocky and Bullwinkle narrative thrown in for good measure, which makes me feel a little giddy.

  • Anonymous

    I was totally going to mention Trine, but I guess Nicholas has that covered.

  • Ade

    This trailer made me LOL so much, I might as well buy it.

  • Masa

    @CM_games:twitter  @thundergamewrks your games look very beautiful. Impatient to try it.

  • mr.damien

    Some potentials but the animation of the characters seems not natural :-/

    • Sanuku

      I thought the same when i saw the Trailer. Let`s hope the Developer are working on it since this would be the only Point that did catch my Eyes. Still and Instant Buy as always from Thundergame...

  • Anonymous

    Getting a few Trine vibes here...

  • Anonymous

    If anything it resembles Deathspank.

  • Noah

    That actually looks pretty awesome. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      real time shadow please.....for iPad 2 / iPhone 4s enabled

  • Michael A. Robson

    They have a character called Taragorn? 😉