Here's a brief public service announcement of sorts to those of you out there who are still rocking the click wheel iPod and regularly use it to play games-- At some point last night they vanished from iTunes entirely. If you haven't already, now is a fantastic time to back up your existing library of click wheel games, as it's really not clear if you'll ever be able to download them again. A free Dropbox account would work perfectly for this, or really any other cloud storage service that you can just upload your games to and forget about.

Reading further into this move by Apple, it seems reasonable to think that this might be the end of the iconic click wheel line of iPods. MacRumors notes that there haven't even been any new releases in the click wheel iPod game library since 2009. The click wheel iPod wasn't updated in last year's iPod event either, casting even further doubt onto the fate of the device. With Apple pushing so hard into cloud-based services and the shocking array of media streaming apps available for iOS devices, it seems reasonable to think that the company feels there's no longer a place for the non-iOS large-capacity traditional iPod.

Seriously though, back up those games.

  • Michael

    And this still is the only device that played Zuma! Booohooo!!!

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    so sad no one ported Phase to our touch-devices..... the best rockband/guitar hero game ever, it could import your whole library with no in-app purchases whatsoever... a single 25 min prog song goodness on the hardest difficult was like a trip...

  • TheTheory

    Both of the above posters are dead-on.

    Still, I haven't owned an iPod sans touch abilities since the release of 2nd Gen. And with no plans on revisiting the classic iPods, I went ahead and deleted all (5) of my classic iPod games from my computer.

    Dangit, now I feel sad...

  • Mike

    Mini Golf!! I still have it, that game was sweet when i used to play on the clickwheel.

  • Michael

    At least this means the iPod classics will get sold of very cheap starting next week. I still like them better because i can just reach in my pocket and push a button to skip tracks n such.
    (i am not a big fan of poked gaming, no iPod Touch or iPhone anytime soon for me - i own a NDS and NEVER use it even with a ton of games on it i want to play, iPad is about perfect for my portable gaming needs)

    • Anonymous

      Navigating in your pocket? There's an app for that. Several.

      Try Fluxtunes or Flicktunes for gesture-based control of your music.

  • Michael

    (i am still running on an iPod Video for my Music needs, more space and battery runtime always made the classic something interesting)

  • John V. Keogh

    This seems to be premature. I have an old iPod classic and was thinking about upgrading it to the latest model when the last few got put on the Wednesday morning Apple store sales, but no games?

  • theRPGNOOB

    So Apple is forcing people to buy an Ipod touch.