When Madfinger Games said that Shadowgun [$7.99] was going to be available on the 28th, I think most of us assumed that they meant at 11:00 PM Eastern like most iPhone games with planned release times. If you were planning on spending the day jealously cursing New Zealanders who have been able to get their hands on the game nearly a day before you, I've got a better plan: Just go download it now.

While we prepare our review, the best place to head is our forums where initial impressions and comments are rolling in. It seems the main criticism is lack of multiplayer, but Madfinger says they have "a lot of plans" for it. Some have even already beaten the game, and are reporting back that completing Shadowgun's single player campaign on medium takes around 5-6 hours.

  • Josh

    I got it the second it came out... the time was a little confusing. I have to say... beautiful game. Graphics are everything they were promised to be. The game has a big feel and took up very minimal space. I expected it to be like an hour long because it is only 219 mb compressed.... Overall good quality and is very smooth. It has simple controls and game play. I have not got to any parts that have melee attacks or complex combos that gameloft uses. However this makes for less confusion with controls or isssues one may have with other games. Definitely worth the price!

  • Vince

    I can't get over how horrible the AI is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    played the first 5 or 10 minutes of it. It doesn't disappoint. That's for sure.

  • Clyndon

    So, the grsphics are finaly how we wanted them. Next in line would be AI. After that i wont hassitate to call iOS my primary gaming plattform any more. I guess Madfinger Games is now closely watched by EA... if they aren't allready in contract 😉

    AI is ... not bad but far away of good. But everything else just delivers.

  • Mike
  • Mike
  • Mike
  • Mike
  • Anonymous

    I'm an hour or two into it now and so far it's fun, although there's nothing mind-blowingly new here.  The controls are about as good as it gets for a shooter on iOS.  I find the action gets a bit repetitive because it seems to consist of hiding behind objects and taking turns shooting when the AI isn't.  The only real problem I have is that it crashes my iPad 2 (with the newest updates) frequently when saving at checkpoints.  In any case I'm happy to support these kinds of projects, looking forward to more high-quality titles for iOS in the near future.

  • Richard.

    It's understandable that the game has to follow certain criteria.  I wished that it was more challenging especially with the enemy AI.  The future looks bright for iOS.  Definitely this game beats Rage for it's free to roam instead of being on rails gaming approach.

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    This game does indeed look pretty, but the music, oh boy the music. Whoever thought brain dead heavy metal was a good idea really, really needs to find a new place to work.

    The game itself is a Gears clone through and through. Fun in short bouts.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, the soundtrack is rather bland.