So, a dog wrote and shot us a press release about a tangram game this morning. I mean, we’re not stupid enough to think that one actually sent us an e-mail since everyone knows pooches can’t stop slobbering long enough to form coherent sentences, but the studio framed its press release as if it was written by a dog and intended only for Eli’s attention-starved mutt’s flappy ears. We’re not making this up.

In brief, the e-mail was about the impending release of Little White Bear Studios’ “lite” version of its colorful puzzle game, TriZen HD [$2.99]. Set to hit this October 3, this free-to-play version of the normally $2.99 game will incorporate 500 levels and “hundreds of hints” for the wonderful price of $0. Hints in TriZen HD regular (and we're guessing "lite") are essentially it’s F2P currency -- you pay for more after you’ve used all the available ones.

And, well, that’s all our new dog friend had to say. What’s next, a cat? Wait, wait, I want a garden snake to write ussssss next. Hey, you see what I did there? Zing!

  • Cat Astrophy

    note the car mat on the ground

    your parents didn't love you in the 80s if you didn't have one