On this week’s bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, Eli and I grill the dude behind Kode80 and the game 1-Bit Ninja [$1.99], Ben Hopkins. Hopkins is a creative guy who, obviously, has a love of retro-style games and, as we discovered, perspective. Our interview spans an insane amount of topics including Hopkins devastating injury and how that is effecting him as a creator and what informed his work on 1-Bit Ninja. I think you’ll dig this one.

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We’ll be back at you with another regular episode (starring Jared Nelson) later this week, so don’t get too misty-eyed when you hear Guthrie’s sexy strings.

  • http://twitter.com/rustym Rusty Moyher

    A "1-bit Ninja for iPad" with iCade support? Sign me up.

    This game is designed for the iPhone. You can only run forward and jump. With the iCade, could you move backwards? Should you?