Hey, guys, did you know it’s Labor Day weekend? It is. And because it’s a weekend in which some people are finding something to celebrate, Electronic Arts has decided to throw a big sale on the App Store. Imagine that.

This latest price-slashing jamboree isn’t the most spectacular it has ever thrown, but it’s still one of the hardest hitting of the current crop of Labor Day sales we’ve seen thus far, especially when it comes to big name and budget properties.

For a limited time, you can grab a bunch of racing, sports, action, and other assorted titles for $.99. The iPad companions (where applicable) to these, on the other hand, have all been reduced to $1.99. Here’s a list:

If you're looking for a key pick in all of this, I would definitely take a gander at Dead Space or Tetris. The latter is a classic and works surprisingly well with touch, while the former is a ridiculously sharp touch-specific iteration of the horror franchise that actually has something to say.

  • Adams Immersive

    Good picks—and Scrabble it good too.

  • Snipyro

    Dead Space for 99c? Not bad.

    • UmbraVir

      Lacks replay value when you've unlocked everything, but otherwise great game.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    dump on sale....

  • Adrian Roy

    nvm, lol